10 years ago today, i released my second album, ‘no ghostless place’. i wrote its 13 songs over four years in the same little room i’m sitting in now, using a borrowed ADAT machine to layer parts, and with number six often curled in my lap as i worked.  

on my first day of recording ‘no ghostless place’ at the house of miracles, i received a rejection letter from a government agency i’d applied to months before for help with recording costs. the application process had required horrible mountains of paperwork, but also the submission of two demo versions of songs meant to be on the new album (i sent “hail of arrows” and “we were never young”).  although i’d initially intended to re-record both songs, this raw demo of “we were never young” is the one that ended up on the album, and that a little while later, appeared in a movie called ‘Chloe’, which is where some of you may have first heard my music.

not sure why i’m sharing this really. i guess i’m fond of the idea that the recording of this album began with a rejection. that the album itself opens with a rejected song. and i hope that anyone reading this who’s in the same boat doesn’t pay any attention to what others think about what they’re creating.

i’d promised more of an update about the planned vinyl editions of ‘no ghostless place’, but always underestimate how posting things online makes me feel.  i feel like a turtle without its shell today. without its skin, too, now that i think about it.

so for now, happy 10th birthday to this album, which is impossibly dear to me (though no dearer than the others), and which has brought me close to so many of you, even if most of us have never met.  more information on the vinyl editions soon – lots of work still to do, but progress is being made.

thank you for your messages of support.