#18 of 20. leaning towers racing oceans on your owndefiantlyone shortwave from long gonea lion the wilds were waiting for could you still see themlove’s urgent remainsgold coasts flaking in the red raini’m tryingi’m beaming light into stormsi still want more all the fleeting thingscolours fading from old paintingsyour eyes striking like lightning the leaning […]

#17 of 20. the sharpest needle how longhow long have you been gonei’ve seen the numbersthey still seem wrong the sharpest needleis in my heartnobody seesit’s just you and me my lovei promisedi’d keep you safea thread i carriedacross that lakewhen you went underand in the darkthe needle gleamedand joined you to me it joined […]

#16 of 20. why can’t absence i’ve retraced the wakes of bottled notesslept with glaciers on beds of coalsfelt you run right through meand then retractlet soft fictions cure me of the facts why can’t absence keep its promiseeven from a distanceits wish is my command i hear your maydaysand i move right awayjust to […]

#15 of 20. scores of angels (return of the sparrows) what spell is this that casts itself through the wallsa secret stranded animal callthat opens up the mouth of a caveto taste its freedom once again it’s all coming backit’s all coming backscores of angels clad in blackin blackdrums in singing fieldsarrows in my shieldscores of angels […]

#14 of 20. the first worddare to approach the frozen wave haunting the golden floodplain cupping hands to roaring blue woundsthe memories of the world scoured the earththe dirtto find the first word  like a stone could be coaxed to bleed freight trains of rain  unchainedthe cloud forest maimedbroken shovels up both my sleeves called off the […]

#13 of 20. sharing the songs individually wasn’t meant to take nearly this long.the remaining eight will be posted over the next two weeks or so. i hope everyone’s okay.love,eric.p.s. CD copies of both the new album and volume 1 (which includes “trains we both missed” and “pale blue black holes” as bonus tracks) are […]

#12 of 20. enchanted creatures know i’ve noticedin spite of the tornado’s spinyeah i’ve noticedmy wordlike a lotus flowera bloom of iridescent skinbroke the surfacewhat a world i still believe there are coins left to retrieverun through the wavesstirring up the mirrorcome show me what’s underneath know i felt itthe tremble in your summer legsas […]

#11 of 20. with love, always.e. glass plate negative flicker around the edges of the frames we filllights in the corners of our eyes the night could never killrun with the silent wildfireslive where your memories livesomewhere a raging river’s trapped in a glass plate negativewithout each other we disappear time only holds us for […]

#10 of 20. a flooded engine learned how to hide a flooded engine in plain sight flooded with lightin every corner a folded knife treasure taking coverwhere the hungry helicopters hoverwhen they descendwhen they descendhave no illusionsthe dream is yours to defend the water eats the wallthe water eats the wallthe fate of the frozen […]

#9 of 20. museum birds they can fly awaymuseum birdslike campfire sparkswe lose them in the dark we sleepwalk to a boxwe warm it with our touchand suddenly we’re seeingthe colours that were us don’t keep your heart a secretfrom the very heightsit was born to beat inlove’s wildit needs some sky to dream in […]