#12 of 20. enchanted creatures know i’ve noticedin spite of the tornado’s spinyeah i’ve noticedmy wordlike a lotus flowera bloom of iridescent skinbroke the surfacewhat a world i still believe there are coins left to retrieverun through the wavesstirring up the mirrorcome show me what’s underneath know i felt itthe tremble in your summer legsas […]

#11 of 20. with love, always.e. glass plate negative flicker around the edges of the frames we filllights in the corners of our eyes the night could never killrun with the silent wildfireslive where your memories livesomewhere a raging river’s trapped in a glass plate negativewithout each other we disappear time only holds us for […]

#10 of 20. a flooded engine learned how to hide a flooded engine in plain sight flooded with lightin every corner a folded knife treasure taking coverwhere the hungry helicopters hoverwhen they descendwhen they descendhave no illusionsthe dream is yours to defend the water eats the wallthe water eats the wallthe fate of the frozen […]

#9 of 20. museum birds they can fly awaymuseum birdslike campfire sparkswe lose them in the dark we sleepwalk to a boxwe warm it with our touchand suddenly we’re seeingthe colours that were us don’t keep your heart a secretfrom the very heightsit was born to beat inlove’s wildit needs some sky to dream in […]

#8 of 20. you sang to me i was falling downinvisiblywhen you sang to me i was all mixed upand missing piecesthen you sang to me bloodsoaking through my shirta well of silencea bundle of nervesi tunnelled to the lighthousefor the mercy of wordsi’d never have heardherei’d never have heard as a dial tonethe border […]

#7 of 20. the current keeps us from each otherbut we cast our hearts againthey cut their teeth in savage waterfrom quivering shells on the shorewe cry out for morecry out for morelike the world might forget something it’s not imagined yet we’ve never metso how is that i’ve your pulse pounding in my lipsand you’ve minelightning intertwinedwhale […]

#6 of 20. love, eric. recapturedbe a runawaya runawayi dare you to take my hand moonlightheard a song that fell like moonlight and kniveson the rooftops of the deeps colours thought too rare to rediscoverwake uprainbow memories of white reefs pounding through the surfbuzzing like beesthrough the underworldspies and jewel thieves we all know the […]

Lil Peep and Raised By Swans: An Unlikely Duo.

because i guess i should go on record about this at some point. in June 2020, a kind person from Turkey named Ayberk, who happens to be a fan of both my music and American rapper Lil Peep’s, sent an email to ask about a collaboration i’d done which i knew nothing about. shortly thereafter, […]

#5 of 20. continuing the virtual housewarming for the new album with a closer look at the fifth room. a gentle reminder that CDs are available through bandcamp, both of “volume 2: run with the silent wildfires” and also volume 1. a strange story that i’ve put off sharing for three years coming tomorrow. only […]

#4 of 20. i want to burn. love, eric. lights in the catacombsa shiver through the stonethe point of no returni feel you in the fractures yeah i just want to burni just want to burn with you dark archipelagosof voices we have thrownand deep inside the earthwe’re waiting as a whisper yeah i just […]