all i’ve been doing since my last update is pouring myself into album #4. i’ve now recorded approximately 91% of its instrumentation and sung precisely 72.22% of its songs in the studio.

unfortunately i’m also 100% out of money. this is inevitable when one prioritizes recording costs over far less exciting expenses like rent/heat/clothing.  who needs clothes without holes anyway, besides maybe scuba divers. but probably best not to get evicted in the middle of winter, as much as it might be worth it in exchange for two or three more sessions. 

everything will work out, as it always has. just wanted to let everyone know that (a) i’m in the midst of sorting out a solution, and continue always to work and prepare at home, and (b) there’s no doubt that the album will still be out this year. i’ve just had to delay my next session in the studio, and therefore the release date – though hopefully not for long.

sending love and hope to all of you for 2020,


p.s. a small update on the ongoing saga of possibly creating vinyl editions of “no ghostless place’ tomorrow, which happens to be the 10 year anniversary of its release.