i’ll be releasing the first single from my next album on friday, august 26th – through spotify, apple music, bandcamp, youtube, radio, etc. finished the cover artwork only a couple of days ago (will share that soon) and submitted it and the song earlier today to digital retailers. my insides are filled with (exhausted) butterflies. […]

just removing the invisibility cloak for a moment to say that as of this week i’ve finished nearly all of the singing/tracking for the next album.  new music soon. and some updates.  love,e.

a separate thank you and lots of love to Andy Magoffin at The House of Miracles and Ben Srokosz (OOAK Productions) for all of their help with making things sound and look so beautiful on the 26th. and for helping me feel so comfortable and supported throughout – it was wonderfully calming to sense Ben […]

if my heart was a wood stove (can you tell that i spent the past week in an off-grid log cabin?) then the love and generosity you’ve shared through your comments, gifts and emails in support of the two livestream concerts would be a winter’s worth of wood. i’ve already burned through seven t-shirts. trying […]

just going through all of the messages, comments and gifts that i missed from the first concert’s live chat and i am completely overwhelmed. thank you so much. love, eric.

tickets and details for the two livestream concerts happening on Saturday, March 26th are available through the links below. please note that times are given in Eastern Time (EDT), if you need to convert from EDT to your time zone. concert #1: 2:00 pm Eastern (EDT): https://raisedbyswans6.bandcamp.com/merch/raised-by-swans-the-house-of-miracles-2-pm-et concert#2: 9:00 pm (EDT): https://raisedbyswans6.bandcamp.com/merch/raised-by-swans-the-house-of-miracles-9-pm-et note #2: if […]

the world is overflowing with pain and worry. so this feels very strange, posting about a couple of livestream concerts. when my heart is broken along with everyone else’s. but there is still hope and beauty too. i remind myself that the point of trying something like this in the first place was connection, when […]

i’ll be performing two livestream concerts on Saturday, March 26th – ticket links with full details are below. i hope you can join me. if you have a bandcamp account, you should have received separate email announcements for each already. if not, it’s free to set one up. it’s been a bit of a rough […]

happy 1st birthday, volume 1. you were there for me through so much. love, eric.

thank you for your warm support of my livestream concert pre-announcement. which as of this moment has become a promise. i’m surprised and touched. and terrified. but the good kind of terrified. some details are below. but first, know that i dream every day of touring again. of seeing all of you/singing to you in […]