the fourth single is out now. it’s called “why can’t absence”. where to listen/buy: spotify: bandcamp:…/why-cant-absence… apple music:…/why-cant-absence…/1655231517 youtube music:… a release date for the album coming soon. e.

i’ll be performing my first live show in ages on friday, december 2nd, opening for Patrick Krief at Phog Lounge in windsor, ontario. more details soon. but for now: i can hardly wait. and as usual, i wish i could teleport all of you there somehow. also: the fourth single comes out on friday, november […]

“i want to burn” is the third single from my forthcoming full-length album, coming out in early 2023. spotify: apple music:…/i-want-to-burn-single/1648952283 youtube music:… tidal: bandcamp link in previous post. mhifbaiaifwhdiitsmo, / ,e.

this is “i want to burn”, single #3 from my forthcoming (2023) full-length album. releasing it a few hours early on bandcamp.  coming out everywhere else at midnight. turn it up. ,e.

single #3 comes out tonight. can’t do the loneliness right now of another midnight release (the automated default of most retailers), so will put it out early on bandcamp, where one can choose a time. sometime around 9 pm. midnight elsewhere.

the second single is out now. it’s called “museum birds”. any words that i could use to describe how it feels to be sharing something so long secreted away inside my heart would only feel inadequate. just know that it comes with a lot of love. where to listen/buy: spotify: music: music: […]

moving single #2’s release from the 2nd last to the last friday in september was a decision made in the midst of a period of mental exhaustion, and the new date’s significance was slow to dawn on me. out of respect, i’ve changed the release date to thursday, september 29th. love, eric.

five quick things:1. single #2 will come out on friday, september 30th.2. all of my music is finally available on YouTube Music. it looks like the raised by swans “official artist channel” was automatically updated as well (, to include all of the albums and singles.3. if you’ve not found it yet, “recaptured” (single #1) […]

impossibly thrilled to share the first single from my next album with you. it’s called “recaptured”. its favourite things are to be listened to: (a) at high volumes, preferably in headphones, and(b) often. it also loves to be shared. where to listen/buy:bandcamp: music: with all of my love,eric