the number 1101 will always hold a special significance for me. what it meant to me originally doesn’t matter anymore – it just has a magical feeling to it and always will.

but this new album of mine is so dear to me that all (okay, most) of my compulsions and superstitions around my music have burned away and disappeared next to its intensity. Öxnadalur is so new, and so ferociously its own thing.

i’m moving the release date to november 5th. this is an important date, because three years ago, on november 5th, 2011, i landed alone in Iceland and drove north through the ragged edges of a snowstorm to begin working on the songs i’m finally in the last stages of mixing.

i can’t fucking believe how beautiful they sound. my heart might explode.

if i can keep it from exploding, more soon. if i can’t, well, at least i finally finished the album.


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