five quick things:
1. single #2 will come out on friday, september 30th.
2. all of my music is finally available on YouTube Music. it looks like the raised by swans “official artist channel” was automatically updated as well (, to include all of the albums and singles.
3. if you’ve not found it yet, “recaptured” (single #1) is available now through spotify, bandcamp, apple music, youtube music, etc.
5. hopefully an announcement of a live show or two soon.

impossibly thrilled to share the first single from my next album with you.

it’s called “recaptured”.

its favourite things are to be listened to:

(a) at high volumes, preferably in headphones, and
(b) often.

it also loves to be shared.

where to listen/buy:
apple music:

with all of my love,

my fifth full-length album will come out in early 2023 – the second part of a seven-years-in-the-making Mega-Kaleidoscope. but wholly its own thing.

this is the cover artwork i made for it.

the first single comes out on august 26th (i.e. tonight, at midnight ET – i’ll be up).


(artwork/design © eric howden, 2022)

i’ll be releasing the first single from my next album on friday, august 26th – through spotify, apple music, bandcamp, youtube, radio, etc.

finished the cover artwork only a couple of days ago (will share that soon) and submitted it and the song earlier today to digital retailers. my insides are filled with (exhausted) butterflies.

if you’re not following me on spotify already, please consider doing so – click here for the link

still working hard on mixing the rest of the album, but the plan is to release a new single every month until the album is finished, likely in early 2023. physical copies of volumes 1 and 2 will happen then too, though this is another cost that i can’t even consider for now.  it’s a fact of life for me, so i’m only sharing this to explain why i don’t have CDs/vinyl of some of my music yet (or raised by swans shirts, baking pans, etc.), but when i’m recording/mixing in the studio, i’m paying to work – much more than i earn.  i always find a way, but due to this being a particularly challenging month, i’ve put my entire digital discography on sale on bandcamp, for anyone who’s interested – all four albums and three singles for a reduced price.  just click on any of the albums and you’ll find “buy digital discography” on the left.

thank you for your continued support. i’ve been longing to reconnect with all of you, if only from afar for now, and releasing the single on the 26th feels like a huge first step.



just removing the invisibility cloak for a moment to say that as of this week i’ve finished nearly all of the singing/tracking for the next album. 

new music soon. and some updates. 


a separate thank you and lots of love to Andy Magoffin at The House of Miracles and Ben Srokosz (OOAK Productions) for all of their help with making things sound and look so beautiful on the 26th. and for helping me feel so comfortable and supported throughout – it was wonderfully calming to sense Ben out there in the quiet darkness behind the cameras, and to see Andy waving assuredly from the control room.

their websites are below if you’d like to explore/hire them to do amazing work.

finally, thank you to Whitney Magoffin; for helping move the 111 year-old piano, for the extra moral support, and for letting me share her magical home for a little while.



Andy’s website (The House of Miracles):

Ben’s website (OOAK Productions):

if my heart was a wood stove (can you tell that i spent the past week in an off-grid log cabin?) then the love and generosity you’ve shared through your comments, gifts and emails in support of the two livestream concerts would be a winter’s worth of wood. i’ve already burned through seven t-shirts.

trying to hold on to these feelings for as long as i can. to your beautiful words. i’ve carefully read through both live chats in their entirety – had to stop many times because i was moved to tears and the words went all blurry. but i never stopped smiling. thank you all, so very much. for being there, from so many places around the world. for your kindness to me and to each other. and once again, please forgive me if i was unable to address your comment or gift during the concert – needless to say, i was in a bit of a state.

i’ve loaded the tiny burritos, pints of beer, tree, luftballons, wee drams and ponies on to the yacht, and am dreaming (always) of touring again, of getting to some of you in person. but i will consider another livestream concert in the future also. because this was lovely and connective beyond anything i could have imagined.

going away tomorrow on another adventure, to decompress some more, and to feel everything as fully as possible. then back to finish volume 2/album 5.thank you again, and please take care.

love always,


just going through all of the messages, comments and gifts that i missed from the first concert’s live chat and i am completely overwhelmed.

thank you so much.

love, eric.

tickets and details for the two livestream concerts happening on Saturday, March 26th are available through the links below. please note that times are given in Eastern Time (EDT), if you need to convert from EDT to your time zone.

concert #1: 2:00 pm Eastern (EDT):

concert#2: 9:00 pm (EDT):

note #2: if you cannot afford a ticket, please email to be put on the virtual guest list (be sure to specify which show you’d like to attend).

hope you can be there.



the world is overflowing with pain and worry. so this feels very strange, posting about a couple of livestream concerts. when my heart is broken along with everyone else’s.

but there is still hope and beauty too. i remind myself that the point of trying something like this in the first place was connection, when being together in-person is still either too dangerous or impossible for so many of us. to gather in a small cozy room, even if only virtually, and to share some moments as they unfold in real time. 

with all of this in mind, please forgive this and upcoming reminders of the online concerts happening on March 26th. unfortunately, any method an independent musician like me uses to announce such things is terribly limited – each update i post only gets to some of you, and my brain would break if i tried to take on any more social media than i already do. so i have to resort to repetition sometimes. 

i hope you can come to one (or both) of the shows – all information is in the links below. and please share if you’d like, with anyone who might want to be there. again, the two performances are because i want to be live for as many time zones as possible: i’m sorry that i can’t post conversions for every time zone, but you can use a search engine to easily convert Eastern Time (ET) to yours.

to all who’ve bought tickets so far, i can’t thank you enough. receiving an announcement that a ticket has been sold adds a much-needed spark to my heart.  and after the show(s), every dollar you’ve given will help me continue the ongoing saga of recording volume 2/album #5. 

please remember that you can be there for free, if you can’t afford a ticket.  just send your email address to with a note about which show you’d like to attend and it will be added to the guest list. i just want you to be there.

with love and hope,


concert #1 (2 pm Eastern Time):

concert #2 (9 pm Eastern Time):