#14 of 20.

the first word

dare to approach
the frozen wave
the golden floodplain

cupping hands to roaring
blue wounds
the memories of the world

scoured the earth
the dirt
to find the first word  
like a stone could
be coaxed to bleed

freight trains of rain  
the cloud forest maimed
broken shovels up
both my sleeves

called off the search
it hurt
don’t know which is worse
holding tighter
or letting go 

offered my throat
my hope
from watchtower ghost 
to a miner
of melting snow

finally found the first clue
what i’d been missing
fell into the deep dark blue

and i just listened 

i just listened

(from “raised by swans is the name of a man, vol. 2: run with the silent wildfires”. available now. all lyrics and music written and performed by e. howden)