#3 of 20.

this one was born in an empty performance hall in a castle on the water; the 300-year old Villa Concordia in Bamberg, Germany, where in september 2021, i was given permission to rehearse for an upcoming show on their beautiful Steinway piano, in the very same room in which i played my first concert in Bamberg, back in 2015.

thank you for all of your lovely comments about the new album – CDs are still available through bandcamp, and it can be streamed in all sorts of places.



come back to haunt me

i’ll be no longer
a miner of melting snow

weighed down
by a magnifying glass
let the tunnels all collapse
around me

and in the darkness i’ll
risk it all
let every earthquake and
every fault 
come back to haunt me
come back to haunt me

cut with your decks of candles
across the lake
(through driving rain)
and your holds hide
a thousand hurricanes
lost their way

come blow the house down 
every wall
as if the whole thing was
made of straw

come back to haunt me
come back to haunt me

come on

pace through the fog
pulling in
setting off
race to the dockside
with your name 
held aloft

(lyrics and music written and performed by e. howden)