CDs of both the new album and volume 1 are now for sale through bandcamp (links below).

note: in the final days of mixing and mastering “volume 2: run with the silent wildfires”, i was reminded that that CDs can only contain 80 minutes of audio, maximum – had to make the difficult decision of removing one song (“why can’t absence”) and an instrumental intro (from “a lucky streak of moonlight”) to just barely reach a total that would fit on a CD.

so the CD version contains 19 tracks. but still feels more than whole to me.

as a counter to this, i’m overjoyed to have added “trains we both missed” and “pale blue black holes” to the CD versions of Volume 1 – up until now these have only been available as digital downloads.



p.s. please be sure to read the “shipping and returns” section (click here), and contact directly if you have any concerns about shipping to your country.

raised by swans is the name of a man, volume 1 –

raised by swans is the name of a man, volume 2: run with the silent wildfires –