postpartum black clouds have retreated, in part thanks to the arrival of some CDs – several boxes each of both my brand new album (out one week ago today; please see past updates to listen) and also volume 1, which until now has not had a physical form, and has been haunting me like a disembodied spirit since february 2021.

i’m proud of how they turned out. also extremely relieved to be finished with their design; if i could count the hours i spent battling adobe photoshop and illustrator over the past months, the number might destroy the universe.

CDs will go on sale tomorrow via bandcamp; i’ll post about it here when it happens.

thank you once again for your very kind (and very moving) comments and emails about the new album. i couldn’t believe in it more ferociously, and even with the usual waves of vulnerability still moving through me, it feels really good to share it with all of you. thank you.