i’ll be releasing the first single from my next album on friday, august 26th – through spotify, apple music, bandcamp, youtube, radio, etc.

finished the cover artwork only a couple of days ago (will share that soon) and submitted it and the song earlier today to digital retailers. my insides are filled with (exhausted) butterflies.

if you’re not following me on spotify already, please consider doing so – click here for the link

still working hard on mixing the rest of the album, but the plan is to release a new single every month until the album is finished, likely in early 2023. physical copies of volumes 1 and 2 will happen then too, though this is another cost that i can’t even consider for now.  it’s a fact of life for me, so i’m only sharing this to explain why i don’t have CDs/vinyl of some of my music yet (or raised by swans shirts, baking pans, etc.), but when i’m recording/mixing in the studio, i’m paying to work – much more than i earn.  i always find a way, but due to this being a particularly challenging month, i’ve put my entire digital discography on sale on bandcamp, for anyone who’s interested – all four albums and three singles for a reduced price.  just click on any of the albums and you’ll find “buy digital discography” on the left.

thank you for your continued support. i’ve been longing to reconnect with all of you, if only from afar for now, and releasing the single on the 26th feels like a huge first step.