a separate thank you and lots of love to Andy Magoffin at The House of Miracles and Ben Srokosz (OOAK Productions) for all of their help with making things sound and look so beautiful on the 26th. and for helping me feel so comfortable and supported throughout – it was wonderfully calming to sense Ben out there in the quiet darkness behind the cameras, and to see Andy waving assuredly from the control room.

their websites are below if you’d like to explore/hire them to do amazing work.

finally, thank you to Whitney Magoffin; for helping move the 111 year-old piano, for the extra moral support, and for letting me share her magical home for a little while.



Andy’s website (The House of Miracles): http://thehouseofmiracles.ca/

Ben’s website (OOAK Productions): https://www.ooakproductions.com/