if my heart was a wood stove (can you tell that i spent the past week in an off-grid log cabin?) then the love and generosity you’ve shared through your comments, gifts and emails in support of the two livestream concerts would be a winter’s worth of wood. i’ve already burned through seven t-shirts.

trying to hold on to these feelings for as long as i can. to your beautiful words. i’ve carefully read through both live chats in their entirety – had to stop many times because i was moved to tears and the words went all blurry. but i never stopped smiling. thank you all, so very much. for being there, from so many places around the world. for your kindness to me and to each other. and once again, please forgive me if i was unable to address your comment or gift during the concert – needless to say, i was in a bit of a state.

i’ve loaded the tiny burritos, pints of beer, tree, luftballons, wee drams and ponies on to the yacht, and am dreaming (always) of touring again, of getting to some of you in person. but i will consider another livestream concert in the future also. because this was lovely and connective beyond anything i could have imagined.

going away tomorrow on another adventure, to decompress some more, and to feel everything as fully as possible. then back to finish volume 2/album 5.thank you again, and please take care.

love always,