the world is overflowing with pain and worry. so this feels very strange, posting about a couple of livestream concerts. when my heart is broken along with everyone else’s.

but there is still hope and beauty too. i remind myself that the point of trying something like this in the first place was connection, when being together in-person is still either too dangerous or impossible for so many of us. to gather in a small cozy room, even if only virtually, and to share some moments as they unfold in real time. 

with all of this in mind, please forgive this and upcoming reminders of the online concerts happening on March 26th. unfortunately, any method an independent musician like me uses to announce such things is terribly limited – each update i post only gets to some of you, and my brain would break if i tried to take on any more social media than i already do. so i have to resort to repetition sometimes. 

i hope you can come to one (or both) of the shows – all information is in the links below. and please share if you’d like, with anyone who might want to be there. again, the two performances are because i want to be live for as many time zones as possible: i’m sorry that i can’t post conversions for every time zone, but you can use a search engine to easily convert Eastern Time (ET) to yours.

to all who’ve bought tickets so far, i can’t thank you enough. receiving an announcement that a ticket has been sold adds a much-needed spark to my heart.  and after the show(s), every dollar you’ve given will help me continue the ongoing saga of recording volume 2/album #5. 

please remember that you can be there for free, if you can’t afford a ticket.  just send your email address to with a note about which show you’d like to attend and it will be added to the guest list. i just want you to be there.

with love and hope,


concert #1 (2 pm Eastern Time):

concert #2 (9 pm Eastern Time):