thank you for your warm support of my livestream concert pre-announcement. which as of this moment has become a promise. i’m surprised and touched. and terrified. but the good kind of terrified.

some details are below. but first, know that i dream every day of touring again. of seeing all of you/singing to you in person. of sailing around on a raft, continent to continent, with my guitar and some sunscreen. and maybe a case of wine. but with all that’s happening (and not happening), i’ve decided to stop waiting and try this instead.

everything should be decided upon by next week, but i promised some details today:

1. the date isn’t certain yet, but it will be a saturday in late march, likely the 19th or 26th.

2. Andy Magoffin has agreed to host the show at his studio, the House of Miracles, and to take care of sound in the way that only he can – this is the loveliest detail of all, for me, as i’ve recorded every album and song i’ve ever released there with him, as some of you might know. it’s a wonderful, intimate space, one of my favourite places to be on this planet. and you’re invited.

3. i’ll be performing songs from all four albums, plus maybe a new one or two.

4. there will be a piano! and a gas fireplace.

6. i want to try to include as many of you as possible, so to accommodate different time zones, i’ll play two concerts on the same day – one in the early afternoon (EST) and one in the evening, still trying to work out the best timing for each; ideally it would be evening for all of us. regardless, mornings are out for me, because i don’t even exist until about 11 am, and my voice sleeps in until noon.

7. it will likely be through bandcamp live.

8. if you’re unable to attend, know that i’m serious about the raft.

more soon.