back in Iceland, and alone, thanks to the generosity of dear friends (thank you, S and Ó). reconnecting with old and new songs in preparation for the concert in Germany on September 18th; finally able to sing and play out loud again (circumstances in Canada changed partway through the pandemic and put a hard stop to even very soft singing in my little apartment, for eight months i felt like a bird crushed under a boot). my voice feels stronger than ever, and it’s been indescribably lovely and healing to rediscover my songs this way, the wind often accompanying me as it plays the house like an enormous pipe organ, humming and whistling beneath the floors and inside the walls.

there’s also been a few light years’ worth of hiking so far, the discovery of a new cave (unsure if it’s sleepable yet), and as many wild blueberry crumbles as i can stand to eat (and that the hills can supply for), which in both cases seems to be an almost infinite number. thinking that maybe this can be my first “merch”. not t-shirts, or posters – crumbles.

more on album #5 when possible. it turns out that being a crushed bird isn’t the most conducive state for writing and recording music, especially after ______, and regardless, because of dwindling funds, a decision needed to be made. on that note, CD copies of Volume 1 have also had to wait, as the choice was between (a) manufacturing CDs/worrying about getting into the studio again, and (b) buying a ticket to this place, i.e. freeing a heart from under a boot. to me, the choice was obvious.

tickets are still available for the my performance at Nachsommer, in Bamberg, Germany on September 18th – please see the last update for ticket links, or click on ‘tour’ for details. in an unexpected way, this show has only become more exciting to me, as my effects pedal died shortly after arriving in Iceland. this has forced me to be as ultra-minimalist musically as i try to be when i set out on an overnight hike, which only feels exactly right, somehow.

i hope you’re all okay. sending love always.