Raised By Swans’ first concert in what feels like eleven aching eternities (if only to me) will be happening on Saturday, September 18th, 2021, at Nachsommer, an open-air music and arts festival in Bamberg, Germany. it will be a solo performance, and i’ll be playing songs from all of my albums. to say that i hope to see you there is possibly one of the greatest understatements ever recorded.

my thanks to Martin Beyer for his invitation and all the hard work he’s put into arranging this; finding and booking shows is never easy for independent musicians, even when the world isn’t locked inside a falling safe, and of course no one knew what would even be possible this year. by early 2021 i was down a well that seemed only to be deepening with each passing day. then there was a burst of light, and it was Martin, sending a ladder down.

Bamberg is a very special place; its old town dates back to the 9th century, and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  i was first invited to sing in its ancient heart in 2015, squeezing my way through its warren of ultra-narrow cobblestone streets in a too-large rented car (i’ve since taken only trains, but ripping along the Bundesautobahn at the speed of light was/is an undeniable pleasure) and arriving at my hotel just as the sun was setting, at which point i rushed up the stairs to my room, threw open the windows, and found myself greeted immediately with an absurd and glorious cacaphony of church bells, so many billions of bells seemingly on cue and coming from all directions that i started laughing, then crying (i was overtired). it was the perfect welcome, even it wasn’t meant for me, and several hours later, after some local rauchbier and exploration on foot, i was officially head over heels.

the concert is happening inside the lovely ERBA park, by the river, and my set will be the final one of an evening called “Traumkraut” (English translation: “Dreamweed”, the source of poet Yvan Goll’s haunting final works), featuring two other performers, Coucou and Theater im Gärtnerviertel. one can purchase advance tickets for either the whole night (which i’d recommend), here: https://www.nachsommer-bamberg.de/events/martin-beyer-traumkraut (please note that the times listed are wrong at the top of the page – music will begin at 17:00, with my set beginning at 20:30), or a ticket for my performance only, here: https://www.nachsommer-bamberg.de/events/raised-by-swans.

questions about accommodations or details about the show can be directed to Martin, who has kindly offered his email address: events@hinter-den-tueren.de.

(note: much of this post was written before the devastating and heartbreaking floods began in Germany and Belgium.  Bamberg has not been directly impacted, but i wouldn’t feel right to not acknowledge this.  my thoughts are with those involved.)

more soon.