this update brought to you by a flash flood of dopamine. leaving shortly for the studio with a bursting heart. and an apple. broke through some final walls with volume 2 this week. including deciding that it’s not part 2 of album #4, as originally planned – it’s album #5.

volumes 1 and 2 will be forever linked, and will share their main title. but as of three days ago volume 2 has a subtitle to set it apart. which came with the sudden realization that i need the two volumes to be separate albums. separate islands, miles apart. but joined by an underwater plateau.

since february, i’ve written a few new songs that will replace a few i’d rather release at a later time. and though there’s still a lot to do, i feel very close now to finishing. a single (or two) will be released sometime over the summer, and the album will come out this fall, hopefully accompanied by some live performances….one of which may or may not already be arranged, an invitation that brought me up from the depths, and that even if it ends up swallowed up by COVID-19 has been a beautiful exercise in mutual optimism.



p.s. physical copies will happen for both volumes/albums, and maybe someday a united package of both albums together, though for now the absolutely ridiculous financial challenges i’ve created around all of this make me feel a bit ill. so more on that when i have a proper plan. today’s for making music.