volume 1 is out now.

as in, a man in a small, cold apartment has just clicked “release” on a laptop with a splintered screen. with a glass of whisky in his other hand.

robot-behemoths like spotify and itunes/apple music will release it automatically at 1:01 am EST, like those spooky, timed lawn sprinklers, the ones that suddenly spin into life in the darkness. whereas the bandcamp release was handcrafted, albeit ultra-clumsily.

oh wait. it’s out on spotify already, i guess. good lord.

i know that some of you will be out there listening, but all of this silence/distance/loss is breaking my heart. i want to see your faces, and not on a screen, splintered or not. i want to sing to them. hopefully someday soon.

for now let’s hold on together. or apart. the together thing is trite, i’m just realizing. just hold on, please.


p.s. track #6 is intentionally six seconds of (specific) silence. track #1 ends abruptly on purpose. everything is deliberate.