discovered a lone box of “no ghostless place” CDs in my apartment last week – thought for years that it was a box of “Öxnadalur”. so i’m happy to announce that after a long period of unavailability, 50 CDs of “no ghostless place” are for sale once again through my bandcamp page. as always, every […]

in Bamberg, Germany, with my friend Evgenia, the Greek cat. we are on the steps of Internationales Künstlerhaus Villa Concordia, where i played one of my favourite concerts in November 2015, and where thanks to Nora, Stephanie, Wiebke, and the rest of its wonderful team, i was allowed to practice on its piano today in […]

back in Iceland, and alone, thanks to the generosity of dear friends (thank you, S and Ó). reconnecting with old and new songs in preparation for the concert in Germany on September 18th; finally able to sing and play out loud again (circumstances in Canada changed partway through the pandemic and put a hard stop […]

Raised By Swans’ first concert in what feels like eleven aching eternities (if only to me) will be happening on Saturday, September 18th, 2021, at Nachsommer, an open-air music and arts festival in Bamberg, Germany. it will be a solo performance, and i’ll be playing songs from all of my albums. to say that i hope to see […]

this update brought to you by a flash flood of dopamine. leaving shortly for the studio with a bursting heart. and an apple. broke through some final walls with volume 2 this week. including deciding that it’s not part 2 of album #4, as originally planned – it’s album #5. volumes 1 and 2 will […]

this picture is a detail of the design of an electronic board that as of 2022 will be orbiting the earth as part of the inner workings of multiple satellites. it was sent to me because of what its designer decided to engrave upon it as an easter egg. thank you again to Montaser (the […]


turns out that releasing an album (even half an album) during a global pandemic is a sublimely lonely experience. definitely a “would not recommend”. but i’m grateful to all of you. and the first 12 songs have been let out into the meadows. so everything is okay. i’ve just never believed that the internet is […]

lyrics for volume 1 are now available both here and on bandcamp. thank you for all of your messages of love and support over the past week – normally i’d have disappeared at once into nature for as long as possible after putting new music out (my own personal “promotional strategy”), but of course haven’t […]


volume 1 is out now. as in, a man in a small, cold apartment has just clicked “release” on a laptop with a splintered screen. with a glass of whisky in his other hand. robot-behemoths like spotify and itunes/apple music will release it automatically at 1:01 am EST, like those spooky, timed lawn sprinklers, the […]