i think my heart might burst. home from a long day of mixing the first four songs – only six days now until they’re released and the pre-sale of part 1 begins. love, eric.


this would feel surreal enough even if 2020 wasn’t all that it has (and hasn’t) been. hard to know when a good time is for anything anymore.  but maybe this just means that now is more important than ever. even before everything changed, i’d promised myself to be less closed for album #4’s release than […]

coming next week: an announcement regarding the release of a certain album a certain someone’s been working on for the past six years. not trying to be coy. just wanted to promise this while i’m feeling charged up, in case the roller coaster comes off the rails again.  not quite ready with all the details […]

i’ve not known what to say here for a while now. i still don’t. but i’m sending love through my songs always. i hope you can feel this. i know some are wondering about album #4.  i have only the vaguest update about this for now, which is that if the situation continues to improve, […]

10 years ago today, i released my second album, ‘no ghostless place’. i wrote its 13 songs over four years in the same little room i’m sitting in now, using a borrowed ADAT machine to layer parts, and with number six often curled in my lap as i worked.   on my first day of recording […]

all i’ve been doing since my last update is pouring myself into album #4. i’ve now recorded approximately 91% of its instrumentation and sung precisely 72.22% of its songs in the studio. unfortunately i’m also 100% out of money. this is inevitable when one prioritizes recording costs over far less exciting expenses like rent/heat/clothing.  who […]

(first posted 13.9.18 on facebook) it’s 11 in the morning and home recordings of a nearly finished album #4 are washing over me at devastating volumes as i type this. even though i was tired and anxious when i first sat down i’m now feeling more like a newborn phoenix breathing in synch with the […]

thrilled and touched that GEO France has featured ‘old fires’ in an introduction video to an article on Iceland’s Westfjords, in a remote corner of which two of its staff found me hidden away last year. merci beaucoup, Olivier et Thomas. c’est un honneur de savoir que ma musique a accompagné votre voyage.https://www.geo.fr/voyage/islande-sauvage-a-la-decouverte-des-fjords-de-louest-195741– eric.