(first posted 13.9.18 on facebook) it’s 11 in the morning and home recordings of a nearly finished album #4 are washing over me at devastating volumes as i type this. even though i was tired and anxious when i first sat down i’m now feeling more like a newborn phoenix breathing in synch with the […]

thrilled and touched that GEO France has featured ‘old fires’ in an introduction video to an article on Iceland’s Westfjords, in a remote corner of which two of its staff found me hidden away last year. merci beaucoup, Olivier et Thomas. c’est un honneur de savoir que ma musique a accompagné votre voyage.https://www.geo.fr/voyage/islande-sauvage-a-la-decouverte-des-fjords-de-louest-195741– eric.

for those in the Middle East and Northern Africa, all three albums are now available on Anghami. love, e.

march 14th, 2019. dear _____, i’m alone in North Iceland, finishing the writing of album #4. i’ll be here for six months; as of May saving every króna i can from a job towards a final block of recording time, a solitary sort of position that will allow me to remain a yeti’s shadow. though i […]

off to Alte Seileri now. very grateful to Internationales Künstlerhaus Villa Concordia, who have allowed me to practice on their beautiful piano/haunt their performance hall over the past few days. thank you Nora. see you this evening. love, eric.

29.10.18. hello. i hadn’t realized it until recently, but it turns out that the concert coming up on December 1st will not only be the sole raised by swans performance happening in the southwestern quadrant of the Upper Franconian region of the Free State of Bavaria during the year of 2018, but also on the […]

a very special raised by swans performance will be happening in Bamberg, Germany on Saturday, December 1st, 2018, at Alte Seileri Bamberg. please email Martin at events@hinter-den-tueren.de to reserve advance tickets (€10) and/or with inquiries about accommodations. it’s been difficult to imagine writing an update of any kind over the past five and a half months. please forgive […]

chapter 7: a bespectacled chrysalis is moments away from passing through a gate.  it is smuggling songs inside its brain.

i wish i wasn’t writing this. in late 2016 a terrible door appeared somewhere in the distance, a door whose location i wouldn’t be able to predict or avoid and whose other side i couldn’t bear to imagine. tried to dig under it, ignore it, destroy it with love and focus and hard work, but […]