dear life,

please keep me around long enough to finish and release this album. i will stop reading books while crossing busy city streets if you can promise me this.

–  and  –

dear everyone,

your comments and emails are impossibly lovely. i can feel you all, your transmissions/transfusions of beautiful, open warmth, from Africa to Europe to Asia to Australia to Oceania to the Americas. i still can’t believe my music has reached all of you. it is truly humbling to know that you’re out there listening.

sometime after it’s mixed early next week, i’m going to post the new song i promised. on Bandcamp, exclusively. this song is separate from the Iceland songs, and therefore stands apart from the album, so it feels okay to let it go early. it’s a song that came from a brief but poignant visit to Berlin, Germany, in 2012.

i’ve decided to work less hours at my job, to give myself more time for music. working full time has helped me fund making the albums in the past, but lately it’s started feeling like The Machine from The Princess Bride is hooked up to my heart, and to my arms. and to all of my clocks.

the thing is that even though i will now have more time and energy to devote to finishing up the album, i will also have less money to spend on recording it. so:  if you like the new song, please consider buying it. you can listen to it for free as much as you want, of course, because i know not all of you have the luxury of paying for things. but if you like it, please consider purchasing it. there will be an option to pay more than the one dollar i’ll be charging if you’d like to help contribute to recording costs.

i would offer a physical copy of the new song as well (on vinyl, ideally), but can’t just yet.

no matter what, i hope you enjoy it. and forgive me for talking about money. i’d rather never have to ask for a thing from any of you, as the truth is, you give me more than enough just by listening, and with your words of appreciation.

if no one ends up buying the song i’ll be finishing up the album anyway, don’t worry.  it just might take longer than i wish it would.  all i can say is that it will be worth the wait, and that i’m working as hard as i can on it, night and day.

much love,