the eric on his lonesome incarnation of raised by swans will be performing on Saturday, February 9th, in the front room of the London Music Club, in London, Ontario, Canada.  appearing as my special guest for the night will be chris martin.

a number of new songs from the upcoming album will be there, appearing outside of the apartment/Iceland for the first time.  they’ve been tucked up under my shirt for the past year, close to my chest, but these days they’re beginning to bump about, wings beating groggily at the window panes.

by hook or by crook, recording of the new album will start to some extent during the first quarter of 2013, at the House of Miracles.  the show at the London Music Club will roughly mark that very special occasion.  i hope you can join me.

stay warm and safe over the holiday season, and remember to be especially kind and gentle to those who are alone or less fortunate.  i hope that every one of you gets to feel appreciated and loved, wherever you are.  i certainly appreciate you, more than you know.  as always, thanks for being there.

happy holidays.