i’m here, for whatever that’s worth. though i’ve also been far away.

some nights when i’m listening back to rough recordings of my new songs i feel like i should try to say something while my heart is wrapped in lightning and my perpetual discomfort around writing online updates is locked away in the storm cellar. somehow let you all know if nothing else how obliteratingly fucking intense album #4 is sounding so far. but any attempt i’ve made has been like trying to force a galloping horse through a sieve.

i’m no less helpless or elsewhere at this moment. and there isn’t much to say in the way of a proper update. but i’ve received several concerned emails lately and wanted to say something in case others are feeling similarly.

first of all, i’m alive. second, for those concerned that my absence from the internet might (ever) mean that i’ve stopped making music, or am considering doing so, or am on some sort of break, know that this will never be true. music is a lifelong thing for me. it’s everything. this will never waver. no matter how infrequently or hesitantly i may come into view online, and no matter how broke and mostly invisible i will likely continue to be, i’ll be writing and releasing albums until i die. and i don’t think that’s happened, unless this is death. in which case clearly even that can’t stop me.

album #4 is nearly written and it’s already louder inside of me than my own heartbeat. as of april i’ll be trying to get into the studio to record, which is always a challenge financially, and will take longer than i wish it would for the same old reasons it always has. know that i’m doing everything i can. thank you for being patient.

for the first time ever, definitive CD editions of codes and secret longing, no ghostless place, and Öxnadalur are all gathered together for purchase in one place, both codes and secret longing and no ghostless place finally updated with amended liner notes, and true versions of themselves at last. please go to bandcamp to find them. orders can be shipped anywhere in the world.

it’s endlessly astonishing and lovely to me that as i work away on this strange, faraway archipelago, quietly uncovering notes and words, someone out there might be excited or even impatient about my findings. or worried that i’ve fallen into an abyss too deep to climb out of. i love and appreciate all of you very much.


p.s. vinyl will still happen. it’s alarmingly expensive to manufacture the beautiful gatefold versions of each album i’ve always envisioned (all three albums are long enough that they’ll need to be on 4 discs each). but i’m determined to figure it out.

please forgive the long silence and unanswered messages. something happened that detonated a bomb in my chest shortly after i arrived home from Europe and i’m still trying to put things back together.

only writing now because i don’t want this to disappear: a show on December 2nd in Toronto.

beyond grateful that circumstances are such that it can still happen. please come if you can. it’s in a small rented art space called Array (155 Walnut Street), at 8:30 pm. there will be some beer and wine, a reassembled man, a piano, and my voice. tickets will be available very soon.

can’t find words for all that my time in Europe was, couldn’t even before things went to hell, but everyone who was there in Moscow or Bamberg knows how i felt, what it meant, whether we embraced, or spoke, or you heard it in my voice as i stumbled through my songs.

sending my love, and missing you all.



raised by swans @ array space

shows, pianos, codes and secret longing:

a final reminder of two very special shows coming up soon – the first in Moscow, Russia on Saturday, October 22nd at Vermel (Вермель) and the second in Bamberg, Germany on Thursday, October 27th, at Jazzkeller. don’t forget to email Martin Beyer if you’d like to reserve tickets for Bamberg – his address (along with details for both shows) is listed under tour information.

i’ve arranged several songs i’ve either only rarely or never played live for piano for these two shows. i’ll have my guitar too, but the piano will be the focus. unlike my show in London last month when my hands mutinied against my brain and turned into sleeping rabbits in the midst of ‘pale blue black holes’, i’ve had the chance to practice enough this time that i’m mostly certain my hands will remain my hands.

trying to book a few solo piano/voice shows here in Canada to stay above water – Toronto on December 2nd is already confirmed, at a small and beautiful art space near Trinity Bellwoods. full details soon. i hope to get out west and east also, as well as into the US for either December or early 2017. Mexico too, if possible. it’s anxious, lonely and uncomfortable work, attempting to book shows, so any assistance is always appreciated. suggestions of intimate venues with pianos are welcome as well.

still hoping that the European tour with Midas Fall is able to happen in the first months of next year.

too busy with writing and recording to find the time to get a band together for fully orchestrated shows just yet, but that will happen over the next several months also.

CD copies of ‘Codes and Secret Longing’ will be available as of next week again through bandcamp, after a long period of near-extinction. i was heartbroken to sell one of the very last copies last week, as i thought i’d never be able to afford a reorder, but have since discovered that the factory i use to manufacture my CDs now allows orders of (much) less than 1000 at a time. so i was finally able to afford a few more. they arrive just in time for my flight out of Canada next week.

i hope to see some of you very soon in either Germany or Russia.



‘trains we both missed’ and ‘pale blue black holes’ are now available on iTunes, as well as a wide spectrum of other digital retailers.

‘sightings’, a lone song that has lived quietly and exclusively on bandcamp since i put it out in 2013, is finally available through the same channels.

(a special note about bandcamp: they now accept credit and debit card payments as opposed to paypal only.)

lyrics for the new songs are here, for all who have asked.

a message about upcoming shows soon – in the meantime, some details have been added regarding the Russia/Germany performances at the end of the month, under ‘tour’.



my two new songs are available here, right now:


i thought i could wait until tomorrow afternoon to release them – my original ill-conceived plan – but i can’t.  my emotions are running way, way too high, and i haven’t slept the past couple of nights.  plus i’ve been drinking some whiskey.

so it’s going to be now.  because 12:03 am is the 13th.  by three minutes, it’s tomorrow, in relation to my last message. and because nights are generally less anxious times for me than days, this feels right to me. i’ll sleep soon, knowing that the songs are finding their way to all of you through the night.

‘trains we both missed’ and ‘pale blue black holes’ are two songs that i randomly picked to record and release from thirteen that are running through my mind on a constant, beautiful, maddening loop these days.  please do purchase them if you can, as i exhausted all my saved money just getting these two to sound as lovely as i think they do.  

but most important to me is that you listen, and share. and feel held.  i understand being broke, and i know that many of you struggle similarly.  so please, just take them if you can’t afford to spend any money.  and as soon as i am able i will book sessions to get going on the rest of the album, regardless of what happens.

just promise me that you’ll listen at high volumes, and with good headphones if you can.  share if you want. and know that i’m with you in every note and word.

to those who have asked – both of these songs (plus ‘sightings’, finally) will be available on iTunes, Amazon, and a variety of other digital retailers very soon.

it’s not lost on me for one moment that i am the luckiest man in the world to be able to share my music with people like all of you. the love and open emotion in your messages and letters does such wondrous things to my heart. all i can hope is that you can feel my love returned to you in my music. when i disappear i am thinking of almost nothing but my songs. but when i emerge, it’s to you. what could possibly be better than that.

thank you.

all of my love,


1. i’ll be releasing two new songs from my upcoming album this Tuesday, September 12th. arrived home from the studio at 2:30 this morning with tears drying on my face from listening at volumes that made the car i was driving feel like it had grown wings. one last session tomorrow evening and all will be ready.

for now i’m only able to afford to offer digital versions, though in my imagination they are on shiny black vinyl, side A and B of a beautiful 7″ inch record. please purchase them if you are able, as 11 more songs are ready to be recorded, and as hard as i try to save for studio time, it will take forever without your help.

2. Martin, the lovely man who originally invited me to Bamberg, Germany for last November’s unforgettable, sold-out show at Villa Concordia with Sigurbjörg Þrastardóttir, sent me a picture of the posters he’s printed for the Jazzkeller show a couple of weeks ago, and my heart has been racing ever since.

i hope that some of you can make it to this very special show. Bamberg is a UNESCO World Heritage Site – entering old town is like stepping into a colour plate from a book of fairy tales, with its maze of cobblestoned streets and church spires on every horizon, the Regnitz flowing right through its heart, the Franconian Alps to the southeast, and its centuries of culture and history, dark and light, radiating up through the old stones. plus it has amazing beer. whether you come to hear me sing or not, it’s a gorgeous and fascinating place to visit, especially in the fall.

if you do happen to be there in late October, and find yourself wandering about after too many pints of rauchbier on Thursday the 27th, stumble into Jazzkeller and find me. i’ll be there.

(for those who would like to come to the show, please contact Martin to reserve tickets in advance – his email address is events@hinter-den-tueren.de.)

3. i’m very excited and honoured to have been invited back to Russia for a show in Moscow on October 22nd, thanks to the efforts of the glorious team that not only so generously arranged to fly me there last November but took such tender care of me while i was there, including arranging such an intimate and perfect show that the memory of that night is a constant source of warmth. more details soon about this.

4. see my previous post about the Dundas Street Festival in London, Ontario, where i’ll be performing on Saturday, September 17th as part of its ‘Night Under Shooting Stars’ showcase.

5. hopefully the pre-order for vinyl editions of No Ghostless Place will happen soon. apologies for the delay – the man who i was organizing things with in France over the past year or so suddenly disappeared, and i’ve had to connect with someone new at the label. thank you to all who have expressed interest in the meantime.

6. two new songs this Tuesday. this feels like it deserves repeating. impossible to express how it feels to write that, and to finally be so close to sharing something new with all of you..




the night i’m performing at the Dundas Street Festival in London, Ontario will be accompanied by an art installation by Gabriella Solti that “compresses shooting star activity in the sky over London over the past 50 years into 3 hours”.

this equals approximately 0.28 years’ worth of nights per minute. which means that the shooting stars Gabriella will be projecting when i start at 9:20 pm will be the same ones that were streaking across the sky just after i’d released my first album, codes and secret longing, back in april 2005.

come feel like a tiny, meaningless blip in the history of the universe with me, You’ll Never Get To Heaven and Wormwood on September 17th.



home again after 3 days and nights spent in a cocoon of instruments and microphones at the House of Miracles in Cambridge recording two of my new songs. nearly drove off the road on my way back here listening to the rough mixes, i was so overcome.

a bit more work to do on the 6th and 7th and then i’ll be able to share them with all of you.




01. returning to Bamberg, Germany for a solo performance on October 27th. grateful to Martin Beyer for reaching out and arranging this in the midst of a complicated year. advance tickets can be reserved by emailing Martin at events@hinter-den-tueren.de.

02. a small independent label based in Paris, France (microcultures) has offered to help organize a possible printing of vinyl copies of my first three albums, likely starting with No Ghostless Place – definitive 2-record editions with lyrics, additional artwork, extended/amended liner notes, and possibly a bonus song or two. the label can’t afford the costs of the initial fabrication either, but unlike me, is competent and patient enough to set up and manage some sort of a pre-order situation. if enough are interested, there will be vinyl.

03. i will start recording the new album in September. writing not quite finished/pockets pretty much empty but my brain feels like a doomed orchestra on a sinking ship these days, every passing second a fathom. portholes beginning to crack. will try to release a new song before i head to Germany.

05. my dear and far too far away UK-based friends Midas Fall hinted at a possible European tour together in January 2017 not so long ago. then Brexit happened and introduced all sorts of uncertainties. still, there is hope.

06. playing an outdoor solo set in London, Ontario in September, thanks once again to a kind and unexpected invitation. no date/details yet..

07. will get a band together again as well to play some full-instrumentation shows when i can. booking and preparing for shows (solo or otherwise) difficult enough when one isn’t underwater, nearly impossible when one is.

07. (b) i’ve promised myself not to disappear like i did after i released Öxnadalur once i finish this album. promising this to all of you now too. live shows have to happen everywhere, somehow. or at least everywhere you’ll have me. until then, know that it’s all i want.