march 14th, 2019.

dear _____,

i’m alone in North Iceland, finishing the writing of album #4.

i’ll be here for six months; as of May saving every króna i can from a job towards a final block of recording time, a solitary sort of position that will allow me to remain a yeti’s shadow. though i will have to say good-bye to the cave. i’ve already noticed the sun eyeing it hungrily.

also, a kind person who first contacted me in 2017 is still willing, it seems, to help with the manufacturing of some beautiful gatefold vinyl copies of “no ghostless place”, despite me vanishing for most of 2018. this is lovely, and if all goes well will coincide with the release of #4.

there are 19 songs right now, all in various stages of completion, all so dear to me i almost can’t bear it. i wake up in the night and want to check on them. whether they all make it on to the album or some end up in different places, i can hardly wait to share them with you.