european tour, november 2017.

three weeks from tomorrow i’ll be meeting up with my dear friends Midas Fall somewhere in Europe as they wend their way towards Slovakia. very grateful to them for inviting me along on this tour of theirs, and to the magnificent Christos at Love Light Productions for his help with booking. ongoing dates are posted here and elsewhere, and will be updated as details emerge.

routing logistics, time limitations and unresponsive/already booked venues made it a challenge not only to fill in certain gaps but to visit every country we wanted to visit, and we’ll miss those we can’t get to this time. but i’m very excited about the tour we have, which reaches some amazing places – it will be my first time playing in Greece, Hungary and Serbia, and i’m thrilled to be returning to Bulgaria, Romania, and Slovakia, all of which i fell in love with back in 2015. unfortunately i must return to Canada before Midas Fall’s shows in Croatia and Belgium.

working hard on album #4, and back to the studio in December. still finishing up the writing of a couple of brand new songs that came to me only recently and swept me off my feet. proof alone that delaying the release was the right decision.

for now i’ve been daydreaming almost exclusively about how good it will be to connect (or reconnect) with some of you this November. i can hardly wait to sing to you and see your lovely faces – sharing an evening filled with music will always be the most beautiful and cathartic part of all of this for me, and it’s been too long.

be seeing you.