my dears,

realized very suddenly and painfully last week that there’s a good chance i’ll implode if i keep pushing forward this way. but far worse, possibly compromise the album i’ve been working towards for the past three years.

since april, when i bravely/foolishly announced a release date of october 17th, i’ve worked without a single day of rest. but the unavoidable fact is that as hard as i’ve tried, i don’t have the time or resources at this point to finish the album as i’ve envisioned it by october, nor to arrange for any sort of proper unveiling; if i continued on like this i’d just be pushing it out into the world on the 17th and collapsing. which may sound wonderfully dramatic from afar, but is awfully depressing as the one who would be doing the collapsing.

so: october 17th can’t happen. i hate to think that i’m disappointing anyone, but i’ve not rushed a single aspect of my previous albums and am not about to start now.

as a pleasant bonus, this decision means that i probably won’t implode just yet. i’d hoped to release album #4 just before another long-planned tour with my friends Midas Fall across europe this november; a tour which as of late last week, sadly, seems to be uncertain, or at least delayed. but whether it still happens or not, even as an abridged version of itself, i don’t think they’d be comfortable touring with a corpse.

thank you for your continued support and lovely letters and comments as i scrape my way along. i’m certainly not stopping, and it won’t be much longer. i just need more time.

love always,