day 1 of recording at the house of miracles.

the next five months are a tunnel to october 17th that i’m digging with my hands. at the other end, in a blinding pillar of light, next to a lake of champagne in a valley full of drunken birds, is album #4.

it’s a nearly impossible goal with all that still needs to be done, but i need nearly impossible right now, with all its urgency and exhilaration and uncertainty and pressure. so it’s decided.

the combination of the delicacy, privacy and all-consuming focus of these final steps, though i’m grateful for the suggestions, doesn’t lend itself well to the world of online crowdfunding for me. mostly, the fundamental act of raising money is at the opposite pole of where my heart needs to be right now, which is in a tunnel with my songs, alone.

at this moment i’m surviving and able to cover the basic expenses of the first sessions. and i don’t need more than that. but i know from past albums that things will get harder the closer i get. for now, if you haven’t already, you can buy my music, either physically (all three CDs are available) or digitally, through bandcamp – the “pay more if you’d like to” option has always existed exclusively as a way to quietly (i will know, but no one else) contribute to upcoming recording and touring expenses. even an extra dollar is so appreciated, and will help me buy a pear or a guitar pick. these things are as vital as anything else.

if i come up with other ideas i’ll let you know. for now it’s enough to simply know you’re out there. up there. and hopefully excited for october 17th.

more when i know more. time to go now. tears blurring my eyes. it’s grey and rainy outside and the sparrows are chirping in the trees. it’s the most beautiful day i’ve woken up to for a long time.