i’m here, for whatever that’s worth. though i’ve also been far away.

some nights when i’m listening back to rough recordings of my new songs i feel like i should try to say something while my heart is wrapped in lightning and my perpetual discomfort around writing online updates is locked away in the storm cellar. somehow let you all know if nothing else how obliteratingly fucking intense album #4 is sounding so far. but any attempt i’ve made has been like trying to force a galloping horse through a sieve.

i’m no less helpless or elsewhere at this moment. and there isn’t much to say in the way of a proper update. but i’ve received several concerned emails lately and wanted to say something in case others are feeling similarly.

first of all, i’m alive. second, for those concerned that my absence from the internet might (ever) mean that i’ve stopped making music, or am considering doing so, or am on some sort of break, know that this will never be true. music is a lifelong thing for me. it’s everything. this will never waver. no matter how infrequently or hesitantly i may come into view online, and no matter how broke and mostly invisible i will likely continue to be, i’ll be writing and releasing albums until i die. and i don’t think that’s happened, unless this is death. in which case clearly even that can’t stop me.

album #4 is nearly written and it’s already louder inside of me than my own heartbeat. as of april i’ll be trying to get into the studio to record, which is always a challenge financially, and will take longer than i wish it would for the same old reasons it always has. know that i’m doing everything i can. thank you for being patient.

for the first time ever, definitive CD editions of codes and secret longing, no ghostless place, and Öxnadalur are all gathered together for purchase in one place, both codes and secret longing and no ghostless place finally updated with amended liner notes, and true versions of themselves at last. please go to bandcamp to find them. orders can be shipped anywhere in the world.

it’s endlessly astonishing and lovely to me that as i work away on this strange, faraway archipelago, quietly uncovering notes and words, someone out there might be excited or even impatient about my findings. or worried that i’ve fallen into an abyss too deep to climb out of. i love and appreciate all of you very much.


p.s. vinyl will still happen. it’s alarmingly expensive to manufacture the beautiful gatefold versions of each album i’ve always envisioned (all three albums are long enough that they’ll need to be on 4 discs each). but i’m determined to figure it out.