please forgive the long silence and unanswered messages. something happened that detonated a bomb in my chest shortly after i arrived home from Europe and i’m still trying to put things back together.

only writing now because i don’t want this to disappear: a show on December 2nd in Toronto.

beyond grateful that circumstances are such that it can still happen. please come if you can. it’s in a small rented art space called Array (155 Walnut Street), at 8:30 pm. there will be some beer and wine, a reassembled man, a piano, and my voice. tickets will be available very soon.

can’t find words for all that my time in Europe was, couldn’t even before things went to hell, but everyone who was there in Moscow or Bamberg knows how i felt, what it meant, whether we embraced, or spoke, or you heard it in my voice as i stumbled through my songs.

sending my love, and missing you all.



raised by swans @ array space