shows, pianos, codes and secret longing:

a final reminder of two very special shows coming up soon – the first in Moscow, Russia on Saturday, October 22nd at Vermel (Вермель) and the second in Bamberg, Germany on Thursday, October 27th, at Jazzkeller. don’t forget to email Martin Beyer if you’d like to reserve tickets for Bamberg – his address (along with details for both shows) is listed under tour information.

i’ve arranged several songs i’ve either only rarely or never played live for piano for these two shows. i’ll have my guitar too, but the piano will be the focus. unlike my show in London last month when my hands mutinied against my brain and turned into sleeping rabbits in the midst of ‘pale blue black holes’, i’ve had the chance to practice enough this time that i’m mostly certain my hands will remain my hands.

trying to book a few solo piano/voice shows here in Canada to stay above water – Toronto on December 2nd is already confirmed, at a small and beautiful art space near Trinity Bellwoods. full details soon. i hope to get out west and east also, as well as into the US for either December or early 2017. Mexico too, if possible. it’s anxious, lonely and uncomfortable work, attempting to book shows, so any assistance is always appreciated. suggestions of intimate venues with pianos are welcome as well.

still hoping that the European tour with Midas Fall is able to happen in the first months of next year.

too busy with writing and recording to find the time to get a band together for fully orchestrated shows just yet, but that will happen over the next several months also.

CD copies of ‘Codes and Secret Longing’ will be available as of next week again through bandcamp, after a long period of near-extinction. i was heartbroken to sell one of the very last copies last week, as i thought i’d never be able to afford a reorder, but have since discovered that the factory i use to manufacture my CDs now allows orders of (much) less than 1000 at a time. so i was finally able to afford a few more. they arrive just in time for my flight out of Canada next week.

i hope to see some of you very soon in either Germany or Russia.