my two new songs are available here, right now:

i thought i could wait until tomorrow afternoon to release them – my original ill-conceived plan – but i can’t.  my emotions are running way, way too high, and i haven’t slept the past couple of nights.  plus i’ve been drinking some whiskey.

so it’s going to be now.  because 12:03 am is the 13th.  by three minutes, it’s tomorrow, in relation to my last message. and because nights are generally less anxious times for me than days, this feels right to me. i’ll sleep soon, knowing that the songs are finding their way to all of you through the night.

‘trains we both missed’ and ‘pale blue black holes’ are two songs that i randomly picked to record and release from thirteen that are running through my mind on a constant, beautiful, maddening loop these days.  please do purchase them if you can, as i exhausted all my saved money just getting these two to sound as lovely as i think they do.  

but most important to me is that you listen, and share. and feel held.  i understand being broke, and i know that many of you struggle similarly.  so please, just take them if you can’t afford to spend any money.  and as soon as i am able i will book sessions to get going on the rest of the album, regardless of what happens.

just promise me that you’ll listen at high volumes, and with good headphones if you can.  share if you want. and know that i’m with you in every note and word.

to those who have asked – both of these songs (plus ‘sightings’, finally) will be available on iTunes, Amazon, and a variety of other digital retailers very soon.

it’s not lost on me for one moment that i am the luckiest man in the world to be able to share my music with people like all of you. the love and open emotion in your messages and letters does such wondrous things to my heart. all i can hope is that you can feel my love returned to you in my music. when i disappear i am thinking of almost nothing but my songs. but when i emerge, it’s to you. what could possibly be better than that.

thank you.

all of my love,