1. i’ll be releasing two new songs from my upcoming album this Tuesday, September 12th. arrived home from the studio at 2:30 this morning with tears drying on my face from listening at volumes that made the car i was driving feel like it had grown wings. one last session tomorrow evening and all will be ready.

for now i’m only able to afford to offer digital versions, though in my imagination they are on shiny black vinyl, side A and B of a beautiful 7″ inch record. please purchase them if you are able, as 11 more songs are ready to be recorded, and as hard as i try to save for studio time, it will take forever without your help.

2. Martin, the lovely man who originally invited me to Bamberg, Germany for last November’s unforgettable, sold-out show at Villa Concordia with Sigurbjörg Þrastardóttir, sent me a picture of the posters he’s printed for the Jazzkeller show a couple of weeks ago, and my heart has been racing ever since.

i hope that some of you can make it to this very special show. Bamberg is a UNESCO World Heritage Site – entering old town is like stepping into a colour plate from a book of fairy tales, with its maze of cobblestoned streets and church spires on every horizon, the Regnitz flowing right through its heart, the Franconian Alps to the southeast, and its centuries of culture and history, dark and light, radiating up through the old stones. plus it has amazing beer. whether you come to hear me sing or not, it’s a gorgeous and fascinating place to visit, especially in the fall.

if you do happen to be there in late October, and find yourself wandering about after too many pints of rauchbier on Thursday the 27th, stumble into Jazzkeller and find me. i’ll be there.

(for those who would like to come to the show, please contact Martin to reserve tickets in advance – his email address is events@hinter-den-tueren.de.)

3. i’m very excited and honoured to have been invited back to Russia for a show in Moscow on October 22nd, thanks to the efforts of the glorious team that not only so generously arranged to fly me there last November but took such tender care of me while i was there, including arranging such an intimate and perfect show that the memory of that night is a constant source of warmth. more details soon about this.

4. see my previous post about the Dundas Street Festival in London, Ontario, where i’ll be performing on Saturday, September 17th as part of its ‘Night Under Shooting Stars’ showcase.

5. hopefully the pre-order for vinyl editions of No Ghostless Place will happen soon. apologies for the delay – the man who i was organizing things with in France over the past year or so suddenly disappeared, and i’ve had to connect with someone new at the label. thank you to all who have expressed interest in the meantime.

6. two new songs this Tuesday. this feels like it deserves repeating. impossible to express how it feels to write that, and to finally be so close to sharing something new with all of you..