hopefully all of you know by now that even when it seems i’ve disappeared, i’m always working on new music.  i’ll never not be, actually, unless i’ve died.  this i can promise you.  i just prefer to stay quiet as i do.

but i’m torn, because i also want to let you know what’s happening once in a while.  and what’s happening right now is that i’m very nearly ready to start recording my next album.  over the past few weeks i’ve been hiding out in the basement of an empty borrowed house with a piano, like the phantom of the opera.  minus the opera, and the organ, and the mask.  and the kidnapping.  and the songs i’ve been finishing up there and elsewhere since coming back from Europe in December feel like some of the best i’ve written.  it would be pointless to try to say anything more about them, but i wish you could hear them now.  they’re so lovely and cathartic to me, even in their raw and unfinished states, that i feel like i’ve been falling from a very tall building for the past several months.

needless to say, being so immersed in writing takes time and energy away from arranging shows.  which hurts, because i miss playing live more than anything.  but i’ll be working on booking some performances as soon as i can as well.

love always,



playing ‘violet light’ with Midas Fall accompanying, K17, Berlin, Germany – 26.11.15 (photo Hermiona Wurzelfuß)
K17, Berlin, Germany – 26.11.15 (photo Hermiona Wurzelfuß)