left my CDs in Zupanja, Croatia. no way to get them back before the end of the tour. bought some blanks and will madly burn and handcraft a few in Točník.

Bratislava, Slovakia an emotional show. enjoying the whirlwind (not literally ‘limping’, for those concerned about my last update, Zupanja just a tough set), but tired of losing things, and missing the beautiful people i’ve had to leave behind, both from past gigs and back in Canada. and of course missing Number Six desperately.

but last night i sang, and the people who came out were so warm and appreciative. forgot my forgetfulness for a while, and felt like i was where i was supposed to be.

Romania was wood smoke and stray dogs, grape vine-entangled houses, horse-drawn carts, roller coaster mountain roads, cancelled shows, a drunken night off in Brașov with Midas Fall, and a ferry ride in my tiny car across the Danube under the stars after a tense border crossing, a tugboat nudging me and a few enormous trucks precariously along through the black water on a floating platform, with no clue where i really was, and no reason to care.

Saturday night a wonderful show in Cluj Napoca, at The Shelter, where i played for a small but very sweet and attentive audience before Midas Fall took the stage and destroyed the universe in the loveliest possible way.

spoke with several people in Cluj who had lost friends in the Colectiv fire. watched a Romanian band celebrate their album release. then three hours’ “sleep” as the nightclub below pounded its beats up into the ceiling, music still shaking the building at 5 am when i got up like a drugged gorilla to start driving for Sofia in the wet darkness. pulled over and fined by the Romanian police for speeding in the midst of driving 13 straight hours through rainy villages and two terrible car accidents and misty mountains to get to Sofia and my flight to Vienna, where i slept briefly before driving again for Croatia, arriving just in time to play, thanks to the best GPS available: a local man on a bicycle.

Burgas, Bulgaria feels like fifty years ago now. a metal club with interior decorating inspired by Jack Daniels, my brief set a weird and clearly somewhat unwelcome interlude wedged into a playlist of Bulgarian hardcore and Rage Against the Machine. almost didn’t find the venue in time, even locals baffled and unable to understand what i was looking for (the bar’s name, not so helpfully, translates to “bar with no name”) and then misplaced my rental car in the mayhem of dragging my gear randomly around the dark streets, listening for Midas Fall’s soundcheck. finally found it the next morning with its back wheel clamped and a ticket on the windshield.

just leaving Bratislava with Midas Fall for Czech Republic, (the show is in Točník, not Loukov), then Berlin tomorrow. very excited. i will connect with all of you properly soon, those i owe emails to, but for now i am being whisked away again, and wanted to finally post an update, as ragged as i know it is.

much love,