somehow limped my way through my set in Zupanja, Croatia just now after driving 22 hours over the past two days (and flying for two) on four hours of sleep. a lovely welcome to town when my despised but sadly necessary GPS failed me yet again and an enthusiastic older man found me looking bewildered and insisted on escorted me and my little car on his bicycle through the streets for the last kilometre or so to the club, where i was immediately offered some local moonshine and asked to start, my brain and body still going 150 km an hour on an empty highway.

a proper post about where i’ve been over the past few days tomorrow, but for now some news: Trnava has been cancelled due to a stabbing, but there is a new show tomorrow in Bratislava instead. the venue is called British Rock Stars, to the amusement/embarrassment of Midas Fall. see you there.

more about Romania and Bulgaria tomorrow.

wish you were here.