some experiences are too intimate, too fragile and beautiful, to be put into words. i don’t know what to say about last night that i didn’t already say to everyone in between songs, and after hugs, and handshakes, and the clanking of beer mugs. but i want to thank you anyway, formally, once more. thank you all so very much for coming, and for contributing your presence to such a warm and emotional night.

today i floated above the cobblestones in old Bamberg. i woke up feeling wildly alive, in spite of closing down Eckerts (and also availing myself of my excellent hotel’s after-hours beer fridge). i covered miles and miles and miles this afternoon, up staircases and steep, narrow streets, through cathedrals and parks and along the Regnitz, and only felt stronger and lighter when i returned to my hotel.

(important: when i left my hotel, i noticed right away that the Stolpersteine outside the main doors had been freshly polished; the polish still foaming on the brass. this was an impossibly moving moment to me.)

the show was sold out, and Sigurbjörg and Nora were wonderful, and the Villa Concordia staff so kind and generous that i felt i was among friends from the moment i arrived.

and then i climbed the echoey stone staircase to the concert hall, and i sang, and my heart soared to be there, so close to all of you. to have a Steinway piano for ‘depth charges’ and ‘Öxnadalur’. i was treated so well by everyone.

and then, perhaps best of all, i met the loveliest people after the show; people who had come from Ukraine (who had hitchhiked, no less(!) i hope you made it safely to your mountain today, Sofia and Nadia), Cologne, Lithuania, England, Iceland, Norway, Italy, Frankfurt, Berlin, Czech Republic, China (via Bamberg), and Rwanda (via Iceland). and of course, everyone who came from Bamberg itself.

if i have missed any locations, i apologize. i have been into the beer fridge once again.

i am humbled. but as one of the amazing young women from Ukraine said to me, in her wonderfully blunt way, “we didn’t come for you – we came for us.”

and she was absolutely right. we were all together last night. simply and beautifully. it was not my night; it was ours.

much love,


p.s. you all know that i don’t post pictures of myself really ever, unless i am a tiny blurry dot on the horizon, or have my back to the camera, or am swallowed in shadows. but Martin sent me this photo today (taken by Stephan Obel), and it sums the night up to me. and as much as i don’t care to have my face exposed so explicitly, that smile is because of all of you.

Villa Concordia, 10/11/15 (photo taken by Stephan Obel)
Villa Concordia, Bamberg, Germany – 10.11.15
(photo taken by Stephan Obel)