Budapest tonight – Club25, with the always magnificent Midas Fall. show starts at 8:00 pm. thank you to everyone who came out to the inaugural / jet-lagged shows in Prague and Bratislava this past weekend. it was wonderful to see you. love eric

leaving the lovely town of Karlovy Vary with Midas Falll, headed for Prague – first show of the tour tonight at Simply U Kravaty 2.  doors at 7:30 pm. uvidíme se brzy. love, e.

a lovely poster for the dates in Greece.  full tour dates here.

european tour, november 2017. three weeks from tomorrow i’ll be meeting up with my dear friends Midas Fall somewhere in Europe as they wend their way towards Slovakia. very grateful to them for inviting me along on this tour of theirs, and to the magnificent Christos at Love Light Productions for his help with booking. ongoing […]

my dears, realized very suddenly and painfully last week that there’s a good chance i’ll implode if i keep pushing forward this way. but far worse, possibly compromise the album i’ve been working towards for the past three years. since april, when i bravely/foolishly announced a release date of october 17th, i’ve worked without a single day […]

day 1 of recording at the house of miracles. the next five months are a tunnel to october 17th that i’m digging with my hands. at the other end, in a blinding pillar of light, next to a lake of champagne in a valley full of drunken birds, is album #4. it’s a nearly impossible goal […]

i’m here, for whatever that’s worth. though i’ve also been far away. some nights when i’m listening back to rough recordings of my new songs i feel like i should try to say something while my heart is wrapped in lightning and my perpetual discomfort around writing online updates is locked away in the storm […]

tickets available now:

please forgive the long silence and unanswered messages. something happened that detonated a bomb in my chest shortly after i arrived home from Europe and i’m still trying to put things back together. only writing now because i don’t want this to disappear: a show on December 2nd in Toronto. beyond grateful that circumstances are such […]