made it to Plovdiv, Bulgaria. a cozy club called the Bee Bop Cafe. first show with Midas Fall, who brought a little friend with them. hope to see you tonight. love, eric.

eyes still burning after an extended and tremendously emotional good-bye to Moscow, where i was treated with such open love and kindness that i feel i’ve left an enormous new family behind. so exhausted and stupid with heartache that i walked off a train without my suitcase in Austria where i’d arranged to have some […]

some experiences are too intimate, too fragile and beautiful, to be put into words. i don’t know what to say about last night that i didn’t already say to everyone in between songs, and after hugs, and handshakes, and the clanking of beer mugs. but i want to thank you anyway, formally, once more. thank […]

Bamberg, Germany: tomorrow evening.   almost exactly one year ago, in November 2014, i was invited to play in Bamberg, Germany by a wonderful man named Martin Beyer. at the time it seemed like only a dream, to both of us, that this could happen. but Martin was determined to have me be a part […]

deadline for the heart of Iceland: nine days. even amidst the lovely narrow streets and tolling bells of old Bamberg, i can’t stop thinking about the current state of emergency regarding the future of Iceland’s Highlands. in its usual quietly relentless way, the national power company (Landsvirkjun) has been working on a blatantly illogical proposal […]

thank you for a beautiful night in Toronto, and for the warmest send-off i could have imagined. my heart will still be glowing as i head for Germany. thank you also to dan, TWiMFeST, and The Tennessee for having me. love, eric.

regarding touring: i’m reckless with live shows because i love them so much. i don’t care whatsoever about making money from them (perhaps to my detriment) – all i need is a way to get to and from the city or town the show’s in, enough to eat so that i don’t pass out onstage, and […]

2 new songs ready to sing at 11 upcoming solo shows. 3 weeks away from Bamberg, Germany. 4 weeks away from Plovdiv, Bulgaria, and the 1st date of a 9 city European tour with Midas Fall. 5 november: overseas/underseas solo show, Toronto, Ontario. the 1 year anniversary of Öxnadalur. tickets disappearing. 11 upcoming raised by […]

dangerously excited to finally officially announce some of the European dates i’ll be playing in November (more to come, possibly). grateful beyond measure to Midas Fall for having me along for part of their tour, which is a celebration of the release of their third album, ‘The Menagerie Inside’. and of course to Martin Beyer, […]

advance tickets for november 5th at The Tennesee in Toronto are available here. since this night is only a small part of a festival, and i’m only a small part of the night itself, i’m afraid that i have no control over whether there will be tickets available at the door on the night of […]