my two new songs are available here, right now: i thought i could wait until tomorrow afternoon to release them – my original ill-conceived plan – but i can’t.  my emotions are running way, way too high, and i haven’t slept the past couple of nights.  plus i’ve been drinking some whiskey. so it’s […]

1. i’ll be releasing two new songs from my upcoming album this Tuesday, September 12th. arrived home from the studio at 2:30 this morning with tears drying on my face from listening at volumes that made the car i was driving feel like it had grown wings. one last session tomorrow evening and all will be […]

the night i’m performing at the Dundas Street Festival in London, Ontario will be accompanied by an art installation by Gabriella Solti that “compresses shooting star activity in the sky over London over the past 50 years into 3 hours”. this equals approximately 0.28 years’ worth of nights per minute. which means that the shooting stars Gabriella […]

home again after 3 days and nights spent in a cocoon of instruments and microphones at the House of Miracles in Cambridge recording two of my new songs. nearly drove off the road on my way back here listening to the rough mixes, i was so overcome. a bit more work to do on the […]

01. returning to Bamberg, Germany for a solo performance on October 27th. grateful to Martin Beyer for reaching out and arranging this in the midst of a complicated year. advance tickets can be reserved by emailing Martin at 02. a small independent label based in Paris, France (microcultures) has offered to help organize a possible printing […]

disappearing now, into silence and solitude and secret places, and to finish writing the new album. thank you for the warm and constructive support following my last post.  it’s been a catch-22 for many years now – with no record label or publicist or future interviews to set things straight, the only option i’ve had to correct misinformation about raised by swans has […]

not many who listen to raised by swans know this, but i’ve only ever written my songs alone – every part for every instrument, every word, every beat, every note and chord and sound.  from Codes and Secret Longing to No Ghostless Place to ‘sightings’ to Öxnadalur, everything you hear when you listen to those recordings – everything, spanning 17 years now, and […]

hopefully all of you know by now that even when it seems i’ve disappeared, i’m always working on new music.  i’ll never not be, actually, unless i’ve died.  this i can promise you.  i just prefer to stay quiet as i do. but i’m torn, because i also want to let you know what’s happening once in a […]

home, and feeling terribly disoriented and empty. not up for writing much, but want to say something important before too much time passes. i left for my European tour in early November thinking that it would essentially be a solitary adventure. that no matter who was around me now and then, or listening to me […]

left my CDs in Zupanja, Croatia. no way to get them back before the end of the tour. bought some blanks and will madly burn and handcraft a few in Točník. Bratislava, Slovakia an emotional show. enjoying the whirlwind (not literally ‘limping’, for those concerned about my last update, Zupanja just a tough set), but […]