tomorrow night (friday, may 24th):

raised by swans (accompanied by a full band), by divine right, and hyness, live at room 47 in waterloo, ontario. 9:00 pm / $20.

i can’t imagine a sweeter way to say good-bye to canada until autumn. hope you can be there. tickets still available, or cash at the door.



show #2 of 2.

tickets are available now for a very special triple bill on Friday, May 24th, at Room 47 in Waterloo, Ontario, featuring Raised By Swans, By Divine Right and Hyness.

this is the second of only two concerts i’ll be playing with a full band accompanying me until autumn 2024 at the earliest, as the day after the show, i’ll be heading overseas for the summer.

thrilled to be sharing the stage with By Divine Right and Hyness, and to stoke up the fires the Rivoli show lit – can’t bear to have them fade away just yet.

hope you can be there.


ticket link:

completely overwhelmed with gratitude for all that last night’s show was. could probably power a small city with the afterglow.

thank you all for making it such a beautiful and unforgettable night.

back to glowing now.

lots of love,


“locket from a wreck”, my newest song, is now available on spotify, apple music, tidal, youtube music, and more.

thank you to those who purchased it through bandcamp – every dollar and listen helps on a fundamental level, however you support my music, and is profoundly appreciated.



listen on spotify:

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listen/purchase on bandcamp:

my new song is out now – an early release, on bandcamp exclusively. on may 7th, it will come out on spotify, apple music, tidal, youtube music, and others.

it’s called “locket from a wreck”:

with love,

only 16 days left before the concert at The Rivoli in Toronto on may 11th. advance tickets are still available – see the event link below for all details and to purchase. (please note that this is an early evening show, with music beginning at 7:00 pm and ending at 9:30 pm.)

also: yesterday i submitted a new song to be released on may 7th. might put it out early on bandcamp.

finally, after putting it off for years, there’s now an official raised by swans instagram page, if you’d like to follow me there:



click here to purchase tickets.

two concerts / new song / future things (take two)

still on fire/feeling invincible thanks to yesterday’s rehearsal, which marks the first time i’ve played with a full band accompanying me since 2016, in Berlin, Germany, when my friends Midas Fall learned “violet light” in their van somewhere between Croatia and Germany, and we performed that song together at the (now closed) K17 club, in the midst of one of our shared tours. before that, there were a few concerts in Ontario in 2014 and 2015 that still light me up whenever i revisit them in my mind, when i was joined by the same four musicians/dear friends who’ll be with me for the two upcoming dates in May.

of course i’ve kept performing solo more or less continually, only pausing because of the pandemic, and these shows remain some of my favourite experiences/adventures of all time. but seeing as i write and record the songs with full instrumentation, it’s crazily invigorating to hear them as i originally intended (some for the first time), and at apocalyptic volumes.

on that note, i really hope that some of you are able to make it to either The Rivoli in Toronto on May 11th (with Julie Stella opening the night) or Room 47 in Waterloo on May 24th (a triple bill, with By Divine Right and Hyness). advance tickets are on sale for both; please see the links below to purchase. and if anyone can help with spreading the news a bit, it would be so appreciated – needless to say, i’m pretty inept at “getting the word out” about much of anything, except perhaps my ineptitude at getting the word out about things.

to those too far away to make it to these shows – i’m always thinking of getting to you, and wishing i could be touring the world, singing in as many places and countries as possible (please get in touch if you have any suggestions; i’ll go anywhere, if i can figure out how to afford it and travel responsibly, even other planets). i have some ideas for the fall, but for now, these two dates are the focus – i’ll be returning to Iceland for the summer to do some writing (with perhaps a couple of solo performances while i’m there), so there will be a small break after these shows in May.

also i might release a new song soon.


p.s. i still need to post song #20 of my latest album, to conclude the series – i was off in the wilderness for its one-year anniversary, when i’d hoped to do so. including this as a reminder to myself, more than anything…


The Rivoli, May 11th:

Room 47, May 24th: