less than a week now before two very special live shows. not only the first performances with a full band in over two years, but also the first since i released an album called Öxnadalur in such a ridiculously quiet manner that it’s still pretty much a secret.

the Toronto show is happening at the Legendary Horseshoe Tavern, on Thursday, December 18th. thrilled to be joined by special guests Language Arts, The Island Years (ex-members of Ohbijou and Wilderness of Manitoba), and Octoberman. come early (Octoberman starts at 9:00 pm) and your ears and heart will thank you for it.

advance tickets are still available here.

more details here.

advance tickets also still available for the London, Ontario show, happening at the beautiful Aeolian Hall, on Friday, December 19th, with special guests The Raspberry Heaven sharing the night.

this one’s an early show – doors are at 7:00 pm and The Raspberry Heaven starts at 8:00 pm.

advance tickets are still available here.

or at Grooves Record Store, at 353 Clarence Street in London. a place that you should be visiting regardless of whether you buy tickets for the show or not.

more details here.

see you soon, i hope.

with love,


so i made these. finally.

i wish i could bring every one of you to one (or both) of these shows.
if i knew enough seagulls and spiders i suppose i could.





i’m thrilled (and admittedly a bit nervous) to announce that after many years of managing every aspect of raised by swans, i will finally be accepting some outside help with the extended parts of all of this; parts that i’ve always found terribly uncomfortable and debilitating to deal with. namely, the promotional/social media/business side of things. i’m proud and excited that the wonderful Lueda Alia (madeofchalk.com, absolutepunk.net, alueda.net) will be working with me from now on.

all the (mostly failed) attempts at booking shows, at applying for writing and recording grants, at connecting with people that i’ve thought could help me with gently getting my music out there, and at trying to figure out how on earth i’m supposed to do the things that so many artists i admire are doing (like touring) have worn me down. i’m just not built for any of it. i’ll never stop writing and recording music, but after all these years i find even subtly publicity-related stuff so alien and nerve-wracking that i’m getting closer and closer to doing nothing at all in terms of promoting myself. the most recent proof of which is the fact that i put out Öxnadalur in early November and promptly escaped across the ocean.

the only thing that i care about when it comes to making music is writing, recording, and sharing it. and perhaps most of all, playing live shows. it breaks my heart that i might be missing out on possibilities, and potentially on ways to make all of this less of a struggle, just because i’m too shy (and/or curmudgeonly) to try something new.

i’m mainly posting this because i need you all to know that i am still very much here. when you write to me, or comment or send a message via Facebook, it will still be me who is reading your words (and writing back when i can). private messages will only be seen by me. and you are always welcome to write to me via my personal email address (raisedbyswans@gmail.com), if you’d like.

but Lueda will be handling things like a raised by swans Twitter account (i am as averse to Twitter as ever, personally, but am putting my trust in her that it will help reach more of you and keep you updated on what’s happening, at least more than my once-every-third-eon messages), and sometimes posting information and updates on Facebook and other sites as well, on my behalf. i will not be disappearing, just focusing most on what matters most to me, which is my music.

this all came about in the most natural way, which is why it feels right to me. Lueda is a brilliant, warm, and genuine person with an undeniable passion for music. i promised myself long ago that i’d only ever work alongside someone in this sense if they had the same philosophy as i do towards music and art. i have no doubt that i’m in good hands with her.

i hope to see your lovely faces in Toronto and/or London in a couple of weeks. tickets are still available for both shows.

Toronto: https://www.facebook.com/events/1488025558146679/
London: https://www.facebook.com/events/549663551831367/

much love,


lyrics for Öxnadalur are now available here.

stopped in Akureyri, North Iceland, gathering supplies. finally read all of your comments and emails about Öxnadalur in one big overwhelming burst and don’t know what to say. there are tears running down my face as i type this. you are all so lovely. all of you, all around the world. i can’t believe that you’re out there listening, and in so many places.

you’ve said such beautiful things. thank you.

a couple of practical things to distract my tear ducts for a moment: a few of you have asked about pronunciation of the album title. it’s not the fully Icelandic way, with all its wonderful subtleties and elegance, but if you say “OX-na-DA-lure”, with the emphasis on the capitalized syllables, you’ll be sort of close. (if you roll the ‘r’ you’ll be even closer).

also: lyrics. enough of you have asked for them (mostly through email) that i will post them here very soon. just can’t do it tonight, i must be on my way. please be patient.

i’m proud to have played a small solo show here in Akureyri last night, as i wanted so badly for my first show in support of Öxnadalur to happen here in Iceland. my voice definitely was not cooperating due to a long illness, but that’s the way it goes. especially, perhaps, when one has slept up in the mountains in a small storm two nights previous. thanks to Haukur, Four Leaves Left, and everyone who came out to see the show.

now i am going back into the valley with a heart filled with so much love from all of you that i barely know how to process it. thank you all, again.



my heart.

my new album, Öxnadalur, is now available. and i’m off to Iceland to disappear for a little while.

Öxnadalur is 100% a creation of my own, for better or worse. besides a few acoustic drum tracks added at the very end, i sang and played everything you hear. with Andy Magoffin so brilliantly capturing it all, as only he can.

i’m not so fond of this next stage. no clue how to promote/publicize/push. it feels wrong. don’t think i ever want it to feel right.

so i’m going to be quiet.

please do consider buying the album, if you like what you hear. it took three years of heavy sacrifice to coax these songs into existence, and although i’d do it again (and certainly will), and though money is such a strange and ugly thing in many ways, it also helps.

at the same time, i don’t want to deny my music to anyone. so: if you can’t buy it, if you’re too broke, then please just take it, with love. i made it available in all sorts of uncomfortable places because i don’t want to keep it from anyone who is unable to purchase it.

there’s no internet where i’m going, thank god. but i can find it in the little town nearby, now and again, and i’ll check once in a while when i go to pick up supplies. weather permitting. so: if you want to send some words, let me know what the songs are doing to you, i’d appreciate it. i know how much i adore this album, but it’s definitely scary and heartbreaking to put it out into the world without me beside it. it’s been a secret for three years now. i can only hope that it finds a safe home in all of you.

when i come back i will try my hardest to book some shows near all of you. if you want to see raised by swans live, that is. but it’s not easy. if you had any idea of how much i want to see all of your lovely faces, to sing to you after all these years. but i need your help. any suggestions or contact information would sure help me get started. please write to raisedbyswans@gmail.com if you have any ideas for me. thank you.

here’s where you can buy Öxnadalur right now:

CD copies:
maplemusic.com – http://www.maplemusic.com/artists/rbs/disc.asp
(shipping is worldwide – for orders outside of North America, click on the red text (“click here if your order is to be shipped to areas OUTSIDE of Canada or the United States”)
Bandcamp – https://raisedbyswans6.bandcamp.com/album/xnadalur
(shipping also worldwide – i have a friend helping me out with these shipments while i’m away, so no signed copies available, sorry.)

(lossless audio, multiple formats, artwork included!):

it’s also streaming in all sorts of places.

that’s all i have right now, everyone. i’ve done all i can to make it available for all of you.

so: i officially give you Öxnadalur. with all of my love, panic, ecstasy, sadness, and triumph. and now i hope you’ll all understand that i need to get away for a short time. back soon.

be seeing you.

much love,


pre-orders for Öxnadalur are now available (CD and digital).

CD copies are available for pre-order here for only $10 CAD each until the official release on November 5th. shipping is worldwide. you will not only be guaranteed a copy of a limited run of CDs, but will also be helping me with the remaining costs involved in manufacturing the album.

digital download pre-orders are now available at bandcamp.com, here, for only $8 until the 5th. all artwork and liner notes included.

digital download pre-order also now available on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/ca/album/oxnadalur/id936800330

once the 5th arrives, CD copies will also be available through bandcamp.com (Paypal no longer needed for purchases), as well as maplemusic.com, and direct mail order.

someday i’ll have vinyl copies too, i promise. but for now that’s still a dream.

– eric.

advance tickets now available for two of only three very special album release shows for ‘Öxnadalur’ happening in 2014 (w/ full band; a solo performance in Akureyri, Iceland on Thursday, November 13th).

The Horseshoe Tavern, Toronto, Ontario – Thursday, December 18th.

Aeolian Hall, London, Ontario – Friday, December 19th.

very excited to announce my solo release show for ‘Öxnadalur’ at Græni Hatturinn in Akureyri, Iceland, November 13th. see below for details.

also: two big December release show announcements next week (full band with me for those). both in Canada – all i could manage to arrange for the remainder of 2014 with the intensity of the album preparations. hope to see you soon.

– eric.


last vocal, Öxnadalur.

last vocal

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