the new album will be calle​d ​​Öxnadalur, and will be released on November 1st.

- e.

the new album will be released in September or October.

it feels like much longer than three years since i started writing the first song in the farmhouse in Iceland, sitting at the old organ in the attic in my pyjama pants and toque, the wind howling along with me as i played. i’m exhausted, but couldn’t be more thrilled with how everything is sounding thus far.

thank you for your continued support and patience, and for the beautiful comments, messages and emails you’ve sent. it’s an honour to have kept you company with my songs over the years.



your help needed.

i wanted to remind everyone first of all of the existence of ‘sightings’, a new song i released back in July.  and also the purpose of its early release on, which was to raise some funds to finish the recording of the new album.

the new album could easily be out later this year.  selfishly, for the preservation of my own remaining sanity, i can only hope that this can happen.  my goal is a late summer/early fall release, which is only possible if i can get into the studio more often than i have been able to these days.  technically it could be out even sooner than that, if circumstances were different. 

for those of you who have already contributed, thank you so very, very much.  your generosity helped fund a few sessions last year and it was profoundly appreciated.  and thank you all for your accompanying messages of support.  for those of you who apologized for only being able to spare a dollar, there is no apology needed, because every single dollar has helped.  for those who opted to pay an amount above one dollar, i could never tell you how much your generosity means to me.  all i can do for all of you is put everything i have into this album, which is what i have always and will always do, until the day i fall into a crevasse somewhere and am finally silenced.  at which point i can assure you that you won’t be forced to read these sorts of silly things from me any longer.

for those of you who could not, and cannot, afford even a dollar, i genuinely understand being so completely broke that even a dollar is too much.  know that i truly appreciate you all so very much just for listening, for being out there.

the unavoidable fact is that money, for all its flaws, helps me and other independent artists record and release our music.  these days, having shifted to part time hours at my job to focus on finishing the album, i finally have more time to work on the songs.  if i hadn’t done that the release date of this album would be sometime in 2016.  but now, of course, money has become more scarce than it already was.  it’s the only obstacle left.

with all of this said, i am aware of how tiny and quiet the islands are that independent artists occupy in the mega-ocean of the internet, and a kind friend of mine who actually uses facebook on a semi-regular basis keeps gently reminding me that postings get washed away so quickly and replaced with new things.  or simply forgotten about, understandably.  some of you have written to me to let me know that you have just stumbled across ‘sightings’, months after its release.  that you had no idea it was even out there.

so this is essentially a long-winded reminder that it’s there.  as well as a humble request.  things are a bit grim right now, and though i don’t mind being broke whatsoever in terms of anything else in my life, at this point it’s excruciating to know that the album could be finished in a couple of months, and released later this year, and ultimately out of my head and into all of yours, if i could only afford the time in the studio needed to get it done.  with my current income i can only book a few short sessions a month around the basics of staying alive.  i’m getting by, and working as hard as i can, and things are moving forward, but ultimately it’s all grinding along far too slowly at this point, and sometimes the release date feels like it’s running away from me.

so please, if you enjoy my music, and haven’t yet purchased it, whether it’s the new song or the first two albums, do consider perhaps buying something through bandcamp, where the money will come most quickly to me, and therefore will push the release date of the new album closer.  if you buy ‘sightings’ specifically i believe that there is an option of donating more than one dollar.  every little bit helps.

i understand that buying digital versions of music isn’t for everyone.  personally i still prefer owning vinyl or cd copies of albums, having something to hold and gaze at.  but it’s good to have digital backups, i think.  and at the very least, bandcamp offers cd quality files of the songs, so you’re not sacrificing audio quality like you are when buying mp3′s only.

i can promise you that every cent that comes to me will go to my upcoming dates in the studio, and that i will think very warmly of you as i make my way there each day.  as i have thought warmly of those of you who have already contributed.

that’s all for now.  back to work.  thanks for reading.

‘sightings’, ‘no ghostless place’, and ‘codes and secret longing’ can be found here, via bandcamp.

one last quick note.  to those who have recommended kickstarter:  thank you for the suggestion, but it simply isn’t a route i want to pursue if i can help it.  among other reasons, it’s much easier for me personally to feel that i’m giving something to you now, than accepting money towards the promise of something that doesn’t yet fully exist. 

with love,



i’ve never liked interviews. i consistently fuck them up in all sorts of silly embarrassing ways. but i was asked a simple question recently by an Italian music journalist and found myself compelled to answer more honestly and bluntly than i have in the past. the full interview will be translated and posted at some point in the future, but i wanted to share just one of my answers with all of you, right now. partly to clear up some misinformation, partly to explain why i have obstinately begun using ‘i’ instead of ‘we’ when talking about raised by swans, partly because my answer might possibly be interesting to a few of you, and partly because the truth has been burning inside of me for years now and i may not ever be asked to do another interview where i can clear things up before i die on a mountain somewhere.

my own attempts at being modest and inclusive to people i care deeply about (namely the wonderful guys who play concerts with me but aren’t involved in the creation of my music) have led to raised by swans being perceived as something different to what it actually is. which is purely a solo project. it’s my fault that this has happened. but being so close to releasing my newest album and knowing how many thousands of hours i’ve devoted already to it, the tenderness and pain and ferociously hard work i’ve put into every last detail of its creation, and how much pride i feel towards its every nuance, from guitar and bass parts to beats to words to pianos and keyboards to collected sounds and moments of silence – the very same burning pride i felt for my previous two albums, but never properly expressed – the space i’m in has made me feel a peculiar urgency to clarify things once and for all. so please indulge me. or if you’re not interested, which is perfectly understandable, you can stop reading now. love, eric.

the question i was asked was:

how and when was Raised By Swans born?

and my answer was/is:

First of all – and I’ve never said it this bluntly before, but I feel it’s important to clarify – as a creative project, Raised By Swans is and always has been a solo endeavour, not a band. That fact hasn’t been made clear in the past, which is wholly my fault; well-meaning but misguided attempts at modesty and inclusion have clouded the truth. Modesty is certainly preferable to arrogance, at least to me, but in some ways it can be just as deceptive and self-serving, and over time it can lead to a buildup of misinformation about oneself or others. These days, especially in the last months of putting together my newest album, I’m more concerned with the truth than anything else. I can’t help but be fiercely proud of the exhausting amounts of work I’ve put into writing and recording my songs over the years; every note and word and sound and moment of silence that you hear (or don’t hear) on the albums is my own. Plus it’s important to me that anyone reading this who is just starting out writing music and is nervous about going it completely alone knows that it’s possible.

I just wanted to define what Raised By Swans is before answering the rest of this question. More about the excellent and decidedly rare gentlemen who currently play live concerts with me in a moment.

Raised By Swans was born in 1997 or so. I played bass guitar in a pretty popular Canadian band for a few years when I was very young. We had some good times, but in that particular band I had almost no creative input, which led to an alarming feeling of dissatisfaction and boredom with music, a feeling I’d never had, that I became obsessed with fixing. I started writing my own songs in a much more personal and concentrated way than I ever had before, in a small attic apartment with crooked floors and blankets hung at the windows, broke and hungry all the time, but wildly alive. I’d sit there with headphones on in the middle of the night and work with my old four track machine, layering parts excitedly until I passed out from exhaustion. It was as if I’d finally come to life, and I did everything I could (still do) to nurture and protect that feeling. I quit the band I was in and chose to strike out on my own. That was when I became Raised By Swans, though the name was not there yet. All I knew, finally, was that I needed complete freedom, to write and create alone, to make music of my own without having to pass ideas or feelings through other people first. Before I did anything else I wrote an entire album all by myself, using a drum machine for beats, guitars, a bass, and a cheap keyboard – even made a cassette tape cover for it when it was done – before I began looking for people who might want to play the songs live with me.

The guys who play live shows with me today, by far the best line-up I or anyone else could ever imagine or hope to be a part of, each joined up with me at different times to help me bring the recorded songs to life in a live setting, and because they enjoy playing music. We’re friends as well as bandmates. But they don’t depend on Raised By Swans in any way creatively; they have outlets and projects of their own, each of them. Or families. Or both. For me it’s only this music. I’m honoured to have such gifted musicians alongside me onstage, but when it comes to writing and recording, it’s always only been me, with Andy of course capturing everything on tape so sensitively and brilliantly. If someone else happens to play a part on an album of mine, for instance, they’re playing a part I’ve written. Control is terribly important when it comes to one’s art, at least to me.

So that’s what it is, and how it started. In a tiny apartment in the middle of the night. Nothing’s really changed. I still work and write exactly the same way. The name itself was born when I had a very special dream that seemed to sum up that whole period of transition for me.

the new song is available at this moment

at exclusively.


it’s called




listen/purchase here.


all funds raised from payments/donations will go towards recording the upcoming album.


deepest gratitude for the overwhelmingly moving and supportive responses to my last transmission.


i’m sorry that it can’t be midnight for all of you, but it had to be for me, for secret reasons.


wherever/whenever you are listening, i’m with you.







midnight edt


dear life,

please keep me around long enough to finish and release this album. i will stop reading books while crossing busy city streets if you can promise me this.

–  and  –

dear everyone,

your comments and emails are impossibly lovely. i can feel you all, your transmissions/transfusions of beautiful, open warmth, from Africa to Europe to Asia to Australia to Oceania to the Americas. i still can’t believe my music has reached all of you. it is truly humbling to know that you’re out there listening.

sometime after it’s mixed early next week, i’m going to post the new song i promised. on Bandcamp, exclusively. this song is separate from the Iceland songs, and therefore stands apart from the album, so it feels okay to let it go early. it’s a song that came from a brief but poignant visit to Berlin, Germany, in 2012.

i’ve decided to work less hours at my job, to give myself more time for music. working full time has helped me fund making the albums in the past, but lately it’s started feeling like The Machine from The Princess Bride is hooked up to my heart, and to my arms. and to all of my clocks.

the thing is that even though i will now have more time and energy to devote to finishing up the album, i will also have less money to spend on recording it. so:  if you like the new song, please consider buying it. you can listen to it for free as much as you want, of course, because i know not all of you have the luxury of paying for things. but if you like it, please consider purchasing it. there will be an option to pay more than the one dollar i’ll be charging if you’d like to help contribute to recording costs.

i would offer a physical copy of the new song as well (on vinyl, ideally), but can’t just yet.

no matter what, i hope you enjoy it. and forgive me for talking about money. i’d rather never have to ask for a thing from any of you, as the truth is, you give me more than enough just by listening, and with your words of appreciation.

if no one ends up buying the song i’ll be finishing up the album anyway, don’t worry.  it just might take longer than i wish it would.  all i can say is that it will be worth the wait, and that i’m working as hard as i can on it, night and day.

much love,


Öxnadalur is a valley in North Iceland that is indescribably dear to me. among the countless ecstasies i’ve experienced there throughout all four seasons, climbing its mountains and traversing its endless rolling hills, it’s where, through the generosity of two very excellent people, i stayed alone during the winter of 2011 and wrote the songs for the upcoming album that i’m in the midst of recording. it is a magical valley with a rich history, populated with hard working farmers and Icelanders devoted to preserving its unique beauty and sustainability.

Öxnadalur is under threat. the National Grid Operator in Iceland, against the unanimous wishes of the inhabitants of the valley, has proposed building an expanse of 30 metre high electrical pylons – steel skeletons leading overhead lines humming with 500 MW of power – across 107 kilometres of largely untouched land. the capacity of these lines would be enough to power 500,000 households, when the total number of households in the whole of Iceland is approximately 124,000. if a need for such an overabundance of power is indeed justified (a whole other issue), the inhabitants of Öxnadalur, in the interest of protecting the valley, will only consider underground cables as a method of transmitting the electricity, and only after careful and exhaustive environmental assessments are conducted.

you all know that i post online very rarely as it is, being such a private person, and would only ever ask anything of any of you under very special circumstances. the truth is that this is a deeply personal issue to me, and to people i care about, and Öxnadalur needs as many supporters in its corner as possible. so i felt compelled to share. the website has more detail about all of this, if you’re interested, and there is a petition to sign if you wish.

the pictures i’ve attached below are of dedicated people from Iceland, Colorado and Wisconsin, putting up protest signs (that i’m very proud to add i designed myself) in Öxnadalur last week.

please share the link with anyone who might be interested, and sign the petition if you can, i would very much appreciate it. thank you.



damaged forearms just heroically made it through entire set for tomorrow evening without bursting into angry flames. overjoyed, finally healing, at least for some guitar playing, which is all that matters. first studio visit april 12/13 played a 101 year old baby grand piano with wrist braces on and a bag of frozen broccoli standing by to ice down screaming tendons. back in to the house of miracles to work on the album may 10/11, taking on the guitars starting then, songs sounding dangerously beautiful already even as scattered puzzle pieces. can hardly wait to sing tomorrow, opening for martha wainwright at a sold out show, iceland songs closer than ever to being fully realized. hope to see you tomorrow evening. love, eric.

thrilled to have been invited to open (solo) for Martha Wainwright on April 25th at Aeolian Hall. tickets are disappearing quickly, please click here for details and purchasing information.

it’s been a bittersweet day. terribly saddened to hear of the death of the brilliant and brave Roger Ebert.

- eric.

off to North Iceland to disappear for a little while.  to sing the poor buried sheep to sleep.  the album i began writing in the farmhouse in the winter of 2011 is nearly finished – this adventure will fill in the final blanks.

then: heading to the House of Miracles to begin recording with Andy on April 12th.  the beginning of an adventure of a different sort.  terribly excited.

your comments and emails never cease to amaze me.  all of them, from all of you.  your words are so warm.  thank you.  and thank you to Sif and Óli, always, for everything.

into the silence, now.  be seeing you.



advance tickets are now available here for the London Music Club show on February 9th.

the eric on his lonesome incarnation of raised by swans will be performing on Saturday, February 9th, in the front room of the London Music Club, in London, Ontario, Canada.  appearing as my special guest for the night will be chris martin.

a number of new songs from the upcoming album will be there, appearing outside of the apartment/Iceland for the first time.  they’ve been tucked up under my shirt for the past year, close to my chest, but these days they’re beginning to bump about, wings beating groggily at the window panes.

by hook or by crook, recording of the new album will start to some extent during the first quarter of 2013, at the House of Miracles.  the show at the London Music Club will roughly mark that very special occasion.  i hope you can join me.

stay warm and safe over the holiday season, and remember to be especially kind and gentle to those who are alone or less fortunate.  i hope that every one of you gets to feel appreciated and loved, wherever you are.  i certainly appreciate you, more than you know.  as always, thanks for being there.

happy holidays.



last minute change of plans: the London date of the Nick Drake tour, scheduled for tomorrow evening, has been cancelled.

eric’s been invited to sing instead in Stratford, tonight, at Knox Church, 142 Ontario Street.  special guests are Ron Sexsmith and Emm Gryner.  more details here.

The Songs Of Nick Drake gives audiences in Ontario and Quebec a rare chance to experience Nick Drake’s music played by a host of Canada’s finest musicians, with a string quintet playing the original arrangements that were written for Nick’s albums by his friend Robert Kirby. To add to the intimacy and warmth of the music, almost all these concerts will take place in old churches.

The tour features Toronto’s alt-country darling Oh Susanna, Kevin Kane of The Grapes Of Wrath, and the tour’s organizer, British-born Luke Jackson along with a distinguished backing band featuring guitarist Kurt Swinghammer, drummer Don Kerr (Rheostatics, Ron Sexsmith), and double-bassist Jason Mercer (Bourbon Tabernacle Choir, Ani DiFranco). The string section includes Sahra Featherstone, Alex Cheung, Johan Lotter and Wendy Solomon. Special guests will be added in every town, making each concert a truly unique experience.

eric has been invited to appear on two songs as a special guest for the London, Ontario show on Sunday, November 4th.  more details here and here.

an almost newsless update, but at the very least, we need you all to know that you didn’t imagine us.  we’re here.  we’re just somewhere else, too.

what’s been happening over the past months has been unfolding slowly and quietly, in a small second floor apartment that wishes it were across the North Atlantic, first waking up next to the secret trapdoor at __________, and then crashing end over end into the valley where it belongs.  the writing that began in Iceland last winter is nearly finished, and the third album, which will consist of 13 songs, is almost ready to be recorded.  next is the matter of raising some money to do so.

in the meantime, and this is the main reason we’re posting an update at all, thank you for all of your endlessly lovely comments and words of support, as well as the many generous invitations to your countries and cities and towns.  we don’t take a single kind word for granted, and we appreciate every last one of you.  please continue to be patient with our tortoise-like approach; we might be slow, but we’re sure.

as for live shows over the next few months, either just eric or the full band, we hope to announce a couple soon.  but they’ll have to be close to where we are for now.  as we’ve said before, if we had the means to travel to play for every last one of you, we would.  and we will.  we’re working towards that specifically, and once the third album is out, that will become the main focus.

can hardly wait to share the new songs with you.


our upcoming show on August 18th is one of very few we’ll be playing in 2012, due to the year being devoted almost in its entirety to writing and preparing to record the third album.

so we hope you can make it out. it’s our first show ever at The Aeolian, which is an absolutely lovely space for live music, a warm wooden cave with magical acoustics and the feeling of an old library, minus the need to be quiet. we can hardly wait. new songs will be there, flown in fresh from Iceland. don’t forget to purchase advance tickets, available at this link:

be seeing you.

we’re very pleased to announce that raised by swans will be a part of Aeolian Hall‘s summer concert series this year.

the show is taking place on Saturday, August 18th.  more details and advance tickets available here.

be seeing you.

only a few more days before our Rivoli show in Toronto on Saturday, June 2nd.

advance tickets still available here.

doors at 9:00 pm, music starts at 10:00 pm.  more details available here.

hope to see you there.

just put the finishing touches on another of the Iceland songs, here in my tiny apartment.  so thrilled i’ve forgotten how to breathe.  might just discard lungs, don’t seem to need them anymore.

our first show in three million years is happening in four weeks.  don’t miss out on tickets, you can still get them here:

be seeing you.


a very special live performance coming up on Saturday, June 2nd; our first in over a year.

advance tickets available now, click here.




brought an album’s worth of songs back with me from Iceland. left most of my heart behind in exchange.

a solo show or two within the next couple of months, full band shows once we can get together and rehearse the new songs.

happy new year, everyone.

- eric.

dear everyone,

i’ve begun writing songs for a third album.  it’s been slow going, but it always is.  even if i wasn’t already one of the slowest songwriters on the planet, no ghostless place pretty much drained my batteries for a while.  i’ve been recharging by visiting Iceland (twice), drinking, reading, gazing longingly at a map of the world, and having all four of my wisdom teeth ripped from my face.  and now i’m ready again, and working hard.  hope you can be patient.

as for the other guys, Andy’s currently working on recording and mixing the next Great Lake Swimmers album.  Ray just got back from a solo European Pink Moth tour.  Alex has been playing with some other people, writing some of his own music, and doing some travelling.  and Brady’s been playing shows here and there with his other band, Tournament!, and spending time with his family.

as for all five of us together, we’ll be playing some shows this summer and fall, but only in Canada thus far – it’s terribly discouraging to have to tell everyone in the States and overseas that it’s still going to be a little while before we get to you, but we’re helpless to do much about it at this point; we simply don’t have the resources to organize a tour overseas (or below the border) by ourselves.  we have the all-consuming desire to play live, and we have the time, and we have valid passports, and we have the guitars and drums and keyboard and all that, but we don’t have the money, or apparently, the proper connections.  but we’re working on it.  in the meantime, anyone willing to send 5 round trip plane tickets to your country will be rewarded with as many live shows as you’d like, whenever you’d like.  we just might have to play/sleep in your kitchen, vehicle, or orchard.

as always, all booking inquiries and plane ticket confirmations (and if you happen to be part of an interested – and awesome – independent label, we’d love to hear from you as well) can be sent to

there’s nothing i/we could say that would properly express the depth of our gratitude for the support and warm words you’ve all sent us, from all over the world.  we’re humbled.  no matter how long it takes, we will do our best to visit you, and play every song you want to hear, and maybe even a couple that you don’t, no matter where you live, and as soon as we possibly can.

it’s nowhere near enough, but thank you all for being there for us, and we hope to see every one of you very soon.




here is a beautiful short video recently created by Manana Films, an Armenian independent youth film studio. the studio’s current focus is working on a series of PSA’s “about civil society and the importance of being an active citizen”. we’re proud that the studio chose to use ‘violet light’ as accompaniment to its first video in the series.

click here to watch the video.

it’s a lovely and unexpected privilege that on the day of his birthday, the wonderful Alan Cross is the one who’s giving us a present instead of the other way around.  not only is we were never young featured on the Explore Music website as one of Alan’s “5 songs you gotta hear today“, but he’ll also be playing some music from no ghostless place on Explore Music, his awesome radio show that’s featured on radio stations all over Canada as well as online.

show times below; listen if you can.  happy birthday, Alan!

TORONTO: 102.1 @ 8:35pm. LONDON: FM96 @ 6:30pm. VANCOUVER: CFOX 99.3 @ 9:50pm. WINNIPEG: Power97 @ 11pm. EDMONTON: Sonic1029 @ 10:30pm. OTTAWA: Live88.5 @ 9pm. HAMILTON: Y109 @ midnight. PETERBOROUGH: The Wolf @ midnight.  The show will be streaming at so check the archives if you miss it!

the show tonight at APK Live in london, ontario is free. doors are at 7:00, show starts at 7:30, and it’s an all ages/licensed show. APK Live is located at 340 wellington street (corner of wellington and york), lower level.

tomorrow night, Friday, March 11th, we’re in Toronto at Rancho Relaxo (300 College Street) for Canadian Music Week.  doors are at 8:00 pm, and we go on at 9:00 pm.  you can buy tickets in advance here if you’d like, or just show up at the door at 8:00 pm.

either way, we hope to see you there.

we’re very pleased and proud to announce that CHRW 94.9 FM has named no ghostless place its local album of the year for 2010.

thank you to CHRW for being a very real and impassioned supporter of independent music over the years, and for giving our music, and the music of many, such a warm and generous home.


raised by swans.

The London Free Press has named no ghostless place as its favourite local album of 2010 – click here for the article.  also, Lueda Alia of has included no ghostless place in her top albums of the year.  from the looks of her list, we’re in good company. and are currently sold out of both no ghostless place and codes and secret longing- we’re actually running very low on copies ourselves, but you can write to if you’d like to purchase directly from us.

if you live in London, Ontario, both albums are still available at Grooves.

tomorrow (Thursday) night we’re playing at a very cozy, very intimate little place in Guelph called Jimmy Jazz. there is no stage, we’ll be set up on the floor. we can have drinks together. we can toast each other, clink glasses, mid-set. you can (re)paint my toenails. or play with Andy’s beard. give it a good combing, perhaps. we don’t mind.

please come out if you can. it’s going to be a great night.


p.s.  we’ve just confirmed a London, Ontario show – December 11th at APK Live.  More details soon.

to everyone who came out to the rivoli on saturday night:  we are currently the happiest band in the world because of you.  which is saying a lot, because more often than not, we’re miserable jerks.

thank you for sharing such a beautiful night with us, all of you.  and thank you to everyone who had to travel an extra long distance to make it out.  to say that we’re flattered would be hopelessly inadequate.

sigh.  enough gushing for now.  we’ll see you all soon, we already miss your lovely faces.


raised by swans.

our show at The Rivoli in Toronto is now exactly one week away, minus seven or eight hours. if you’ve not picked up an advance ticket yet, please do so by visiting this link.

we’re very excited. if you have any specific requests for songs please let us know and we’ll do our best to fit your request into the set list. one way or another, rest assured that we’re going to play as long as you’ll put up with us.

it’s going to be a wonderful night – see you soon.


raised by swans.

advance tickets still available for this show at brownpapertickets – hope to see you there.

advance tickets for our November 6th show at The Rivoli in Toronto are now available here.  be sure to buy online soon if you can; from the sounds of it, advance tickets are going quickly.  the door price on the night of the show will be $10.00.

we’re very excited, we last played The Rivoli way back in 2005.  it was our release show for Codes and Secret Longing. we also took part in a scene from Atom Egoyan’s Chloe, performing on the very same stage.  the footage you see in the film was shot in February of 2009.

this update is dedicated, with affection, to antranik t.

we just found out that we’re a part of absolutepunk’s Absolute 100 this year – look!

thanks to eda and everyone at for their continued support.

we’ve begun booking shows for the fall.  there’s one happening in Toronto, at The Rivoli, on November 6th, for instance.  we’ll let you know the details as soon as we have them sorted out.

as for all of the lovely emails we’ve been getting from all over the world (we never imagined that we’d reach so many people through Chloe), we couldn’t be happier to have such warm and eloquent fans.  thank you for all of your kind words.

hi everyone.

we’re tremendously excited to be playing at The Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto this Saturday night (June 5th).  come early so that you don’t miss Pink Moth and Fjord Rowboat – set times are Pink Moth 10:00 pm, Fjord Rowboat 11:00 pm, Raised By Swans 12:00 am.  $8.00 at the door.

see you soon.



we won’t be at The Standard tomorrow night (Friday, May 28th) in Winnipeg, as originally planned…we’ll be at Finn’s Pub, which is at 25 Forks Market Road.

here’s the facebook event link:!/event.php?eid=324390291749

we’re at Zaphod’s in Ottawa tonight.  it’s an early show, so be sure to get there by 9:00 pm or so.

we’d love to see you at The Black Sheep Inn tomorrow night (Tuesday the 11th) as well.  you can buy advance tickets here.

it’s going to be a pretty special show.  we’re excited to have Bronze Leaf sharing the night with us.

a brand new review of no ghostless place can be found here (Exclaim! Magazine).

we’re two days into our Canadian tour and having an amazing time thus far.  the weekend’s going to be good, we’re at Gus’ Pub in Halifax tomorrow night (Friday, May 7th) and The Capital in Fredericton on Saturday, May 8th.

tonight three of us are staying in the tiny town of St. Leonard, New Brunswick, where a truck filled with 12 million bees once overturned back in 2008.  it was too misty and dark to continue on to Fredericton, which is where Andy and Alex are (we think/hope); we were in serious danger of colliding with a moose.  or worse, a swarm of phantom bees.

advance tickets for our extra-special show at the Black Sheep Inn on Tuesday, May 11th (with Pink Moth and Bronze Leaf) are available here.

we’re officially on the road and away from our homes for just over a month as of tomorrow (Tuesday, May 4th, which is actually almost today at this point) – our big cross-country tour starts at The Mansion, in Kingston, Ontario. it’s our first show of twenty-three or twenty-four dates across Canada (the number of shows is still growing, as we’re still booking a few last minute dates – be sure to check in every so often here, or on myspace, or on our brand new Facebook page for updates).

try not to miss us when we’re in your city – this is a really special tour for us for too many reasons to list, and we’d love to have you share it with us.   apologies in advance if we happen to be coming to you on a weeknight, but we promise to make it worth your while.  take the next day off work.  tell your friends across the country to come see us when we’re in their city, tell your ex-friends, tell your future friends, tell your friends’ pets.  this has been a long time coming, and we’ve put the whole thing together all by ourselves.  so seeing each and every one of you will be a wonderful thing indeed.

we’ll be updating you all as we go.

see you soon.


raised by swans.

thank you everyone for the beautiful send-off at Call The Office last night. you’ve given the rest of Canada a lot to live up to.

on that note, you are all cordially invited to join us for the month of May as we head across the country.  we’ve made room in the van.

thanks again for being there, it was a perfect night.



post-Electrical Surge update:

still working on restoring our poor ravaged website, which as you can see is still a bit sparse – we hope to have it back to full strength very soon.

in the meantime, please visit us on myspace for additional information.

our store is not back up yet; to buy no ghostless place or codes and secret longing, visit either or  both albums are also available on iTunes.

and finally, come to Call The Office tonight – Saturday, May 1st.  it’s our last local show before we head into the Great Unknown.  come have a drink with us.

Fjord Rowboat and Pink Moth are opening.

(side note:  apologies for the grim and not-very-friendly-sounding ‘Age Restrictions:  No Minors’ that comes up for each of our shows on this site, it seems to be a default setting in WordPress.)

brand new UK-based website just posted this lovely feature/review:

two recent reviews of no ghostless place can be found here and here.

have we told you how excited we are to be coming across Canada in a little less than two weeks?

we have?

oh. okay.

make sure to check back frequently for information on how to buy advance tickets for certain shows.



a few relatively recent interviews.  give yourself a few hours for the third one; Eric got a bit carried away.

interview with NXEW

interview with The Ambitious C

particularly long interview with The Parallel Universe

advance tickets for our show at the Black Sheep Inn on Tuesday, May 11th are available here.

Bronze Leaf will be joining us for this show, it’s going to be a really special night.

the Black Sheep Inn is only half an hour from Ottawa, in Wakefield, QC.  hope to see you there on the 11th.

our coast-to-coast tour of Canada is only three weeks away.  we’re really looking forward to getting out to see all of you finally.  check out our dates and put a big red X on your calendar on the date we’re in your city.  or maybe just clip it right out of the calendar and fold it up and put it into your pocket.   or chew it up and swallow it.  you won’t need to do anything else with that night – we’ve got it covered.

if you see any blank dates on our calendar and we don’t seem to be playing in your city let us know and we’ll do our best to get to you.

sorry, Saskatoon, about the 14th – the whole city seems to be booked that night.  that makes us sad.  a Friday in Saskatoon with nowhere to play. sigh.

pre-tour shows: we’re at The Phog Lounge in Windsor this Friday, the 16th.  and The Casbah in Hamilton on the following Saturday, the 24th.  and then our tour kickoff show happens in London, at Call The Office, on Saturday, May 1st.  come see us off.  break champagne bottles on our heads.  or maybe on our van.  the van’s a better idea.

we’ll be posting ticket purchase information very soon in case anyone wants to buy in advance.

it’s going to be a wonderful month, we hope you can join us for a night (or two, or three) to hear us and Pink Moth play some songs.


raised by swans.

here’s a nice little interview with Atom Egoyan, in which he talks a bit about Chloe and the band’s involvement.

here’s a review of our latest show at The Garrison in Toronto, from Much Music’s Red Hot Blog

we’ve been told there is a chance that the March 20th show at The Wellington Room in Orangeville will sell out – if you can, please purchase your tickets for the show ahead of time by calling (519) 941-4100  or (519) 941-4100.  all credit cards are accepted.  we’ll try to set up an advance purchase arrangement for those of you who don’t have a credit card, as well – please stay tuned.

here is the Facebook event listing for the Orangeville show.

shows are being added daily to our coast-to-coast Canadian tour, which is happening in May – the jigsaw puzzle is finally not just a few scattered pieces on a frighteningly enormous table.

check back often.  get in touch with us if you have venue recommendations or want us to come through your city.  we’re putting it all together ourselves so we’ll listen.

if you live in Toronto, don’t miss our show next Thursday (March 4th) at The Garrison – it looks like it will be our last show in TO before the tour.

if you’re coming out to see eric play all by his lonesome tomorrow night (Saturday the 13th) at The Local in Toronto, make sure you show up before 9:30 pm. it’s an early set. he’ll certainly be less lonesome if you’re there.

and be sure to stay to see/hear Alun, not that you wouldn’t. he’s great.

no ghostless place is currently streaming in its entirety on the wonderful, to celebrate its release on iTunes, Amazon, and various other digital retailers. be sure to listen (and comment) if you can.

more live shows to come; still in the midst of confirming shows for the May cross-Canada tour. check back often.

no ghostless place is now available on iTunes and

Chloe is coming out in Canada and the US on March 26th.  it will be released in some parts of Europe previous to that, not sure of the exact release date.

we’re in the midst of booking shows around Ontario for February, March, and April, and also across Canada for our tour coming up in May.  Pink Moth will be accompanying us.  check back often for updates.

CBC Radio 3 has chosen ‘there’s hope yet’ for their Track of the Day.

listen and leave a comment if you can: cbc radio 3 ‘track of the day’

the lyrics for no ghostless place are posted; codes and secret longing soon to follow.  apologies for taking so long to make them available, and to all who have asked for the lyrics to codes and secret longing starting back in 2005 when that album first came out.  it’s not that we don’t take your requests very seriously.  it’s just that lyrics should always be kind of shadowy and open to interpretation.  also, we can be horribly lazy.

just promise us this:  if you like the words you have in your head, don’t feel the need to read the actual lyrics to check your accuracy.  keep the words you have if they feel right.

codes and secret longing is now available on iTunes (and very soon, Amazon, Puretracks, and about twenty other global digital retailers).  within the next couple of weeks no ghostless place will appear as well; we’ll let you know.

more shows coming very soon.  and tour dates as well.  we’re finally coming across Canada.  and then overseas, hopefully, if you’ll have us.

be seeing you.

1. is currently featuring No Ghostless Place on their main page – go click on the big album cover to order a copy and prove to them that they’ve made a wise choice in doing so. or, just gaze upon it lovingly like we’ve been doing.

2. we’ve just sent out copies of the album to every campus radio station in Canada (US to follow), as well as to the wonderful CBC Radio 3. be sure to call or email your local station as well as CBC Radio 3 to request a song or two (or thirteen) in the next little while, we’d certainly appreciate it.

3. we’re in the first stages of setting up a coast-to-coast Canadian tour for May, as well as booking shows around Ontario for February and March.

4. a Facebook link to Friday’s CD release show in London, Ontario is here: seeing as we’re not on Facebook ourselves, feel free to share the link with as many people as you can who are. it’s going to be a cold night; the more bodies we can fit in at Call The Office, the warmer we’ll all be.

11/01/10.   110110.   1101, 10.

today’s the day.

no ghostless place will be played in its entirety on tuesday, january 12th on the wonderful ‘Parallel Universe’ on CHRW Radio, to celebrate its release (7:00 – 8:30 pm EST/94.9 FM in london, ontario – listen online.

an interview with acclaimed Canadian/Armenian filmmaker Atom Egoyan will also be aired as part of the show, in which he discusses his films and raised by swans’ involvement in both Adoration (2009) and Chloe (2010).

click on ’store’ to take advantage of a special pre-order price for no ghostless place for only two more days. both codes and secret longing and no ghostless place will be available digitally shortly thereafter, via a wide variety of digital retailers – stay tuned.

london, ontario cd release show coming up friday, january 15th at call the office. see ’shows’ for details.

we seem to have been successful in towing our poor, becalmed website ashore from a dark spot in the middle of the ocean, where it has been drifting, off the map, (or at least off the tiny, smudged map we’ve always used) for the past several months.

and now, after stripping it of its black and green paint and unloading most of its cargo, we’re nudging it back out again.  this time, though, we’re going to hold on to it, with really long ropes.

our new album, no ghostless place, is finished.

we also have two big shows coming up, and some music posted.  and a whole lot of white space to get lost in.

more soon.


raised by swans.