lyrics for volume 1 are now available both here and on bandcamp.

thank you for all of your messages of love and support over the past week – normally i’d have disappeared at once into nature for as long as possible after putting new music out (my own personal “promotional strategy”), but of course haven’t been able to. so this has been very weird. but you’ve helped make it less so.

CDs containing both volumes 1 and 2 will be made once volume 2 is complete (still working on this). for now, volume 1 is available on spotify, apple music, tidal, deezer, and some others. a proper list with links will appear somewhere very soon to make things easier. please do spread the word if you’d like to help, i’m useless at this part of things (see above).




volume 1 is out now.

as in, a man in a small, cold apartment has just clicked “release” on a laptop with a splintered screen. with a glass of whisky in his other hand.

robot-behemoths like spotify and itunes/apple music will release it automatically at 1:01 am EST, like those spooky, timed lawn sprinklers, the ones that suddenly spin into life in the darkness. whereas the bandcamp release was handcrafted, albeit ultra-clumsily.

oh wait. it’s out on spotify already, i guess. good lord.

i know that some of you will be out there listening, but all of this silence/distance/loss is breaking my heart. i want to see your faces, and not on a screen, splintered or not. i want to sing to them. hopefully someday soon.

for now let’s hold on together. or apart. the together thing is trite, i’m just realizing. just hold on, please.


p.s. track #6 is intentionally six seconds of (specific) silence. track #1 ends abruptly on purpose. everything is deliberate.

lyrics for the first four are posted now. also: these four finished songs will remain as is, but for those who have pre-ordered, please don’t be alarmed if you happen to notice the song order (or the titles of the other songs) on ‘volume 1’ changing between now and february 9th on the bandcamp page. i’m still making some decisions.

no matter what, volume 1 will continue to contain 11 songs…perhaps even more? but certainly not less.




it’s out now:

only because i need you all to know how much this means to me, how much it feels like i’ve just uploaded not music but blood into this laptop, everything you hear on these songs (and on the future album) is me alone. i even played the drums, which involved me practicing on a “kit” in my tiny apartment made of, among other things, a Le Creuset cooking pot wrapped in a t-shirt.

now i am going for a long walk/run/float/heart attack. enjoy the songs/blood.

much love,


four songs from volume 1 of my fourth album will be released today at 1:01 pm EST, on bandcamp exclusively.

seven related things while my brain is still functioning:

1. the four songs are free, but a digital pre-order will begin at the same time – if you pre-order volume 1, you’ll automatically be sent a link to download it the moment it’s released on february 9th, 2021.  and of course you’ll be able to stream/download the four free songs like everyone else. (note: volume 1 will also be released shortly thereafter on all digital platforms (spotify, google play, apple music, etc.)

2.  there is an option to send a pre-order as a gift if you’d like.

3.  for those who can’t or would rather not pre-order volume 1, the four songs i’ve chosen to share will be free to stream and download and share, as promised.  please help yourself to them.

4. there is always an option through my bandcamp page to ‘pay what you want’ (bandcamp accepts paypal and credit card payments).  the base cost of the pre-order is $11.00, but i still have lots to do in the studio over the coming months, so know that every dollar will go towards studio debt and upcoming expenses for physical copies of the two volumes combined.  any support you can offer is tremendously appreciated. but know that this includes just listening.

5. if any of this “volume 1” and “digital-only” nonsense is confusing to you, please see my earlier post for details.

6. for those of you who use facebook less and less, consider following me on bandcamp.  it’s very low-key, and a nice alternative (or so i’ve been told) to receive updates.

7.  before i kind of fall apart for the day (in a good way), thank you as always to andy magoffin at his house of miracles, who is the only person on this earth i would ever trust to record my music, and who has been so accommodating and supportive throughout this difficult year.  though frankly i could say the same thing about the past 20. 

music soon.



i think my heart might burst. home from a long day of mixing the first four songs – only six days now until they’re released and the pre-sale of part 1 begins.




this would feel surreal enough even if 2020 wasn’t all that it has (and hasn’t) been. hard to know when a good time is for anything anymore.  but maybe this just means that now is more important than ever.

even before everything changed, i’d promised myself to be less closed for album #4’s release than #3’s, which was a man whispering, “it’s out” into an envelope before sealing it and running away to a wild place…with the envelope in his pocket.  so here’s the first installment of keeping that promise:

1. #4 is a double album. 22 songs at this moment, not including the two i put out in 2016

2. making CDs or vinyl right now, especially for an album the size of nine Mongolias, is impossible financially, as i’m in debt from recording (and still not quite finished).  but physical copies are vital to me.  so below is a solution that i hope will solve both problems, and as a bonus, ensure that no one (including me) is crushed under a five-years-in-the-making avalanche of songs.

3. the album will be released initially in two parts, each essentially a full-length album by itself.  

4. four new songs will be released on december 17th, on bandcamp exclusively.  because i need to release something before this year is over – as a gift to all of you, but also to me.  these will be free to listen to and download, but my hope is that they might encourage you to pre-order the album – a pre-sale for part 1 will begin that day too. 

5. part 1 will be released on february 9th, 2021, on bandcamp and all major digital platforms.

6. part 2 will be released once i can afford to make CDs of the full album.  as soon as i’ve raised enough to start the process (whether it’s from selling my music or finding an abandoned warehouse full of saffron), i’ll announce the release date of part 2. 

7. the double CD will reunite part 1 and part 2.

so: december 17th: 4 new songs.  february 9th: the release of part 1.  shortly thereafter (i hope): the release of part 2, with the reunited full/double album on CD.



(p.s. for twitter users, a recently dusted off, six-years-dormant account (@raisedbyswans6) will function solely as a notification source for new updates posted on my main website as well as on facebook, going forward.)

coming next week: an announcement regarding the release of a certain album a certain someone’s been working on for the past six years.

not trying to be coy. just wanted to promise this while i’m feeling charged up, in case the roller coaster comes off the rails again.  not quite ready with all the details right now anyway.

i guess i also want to savour the fact that i have a proper announcement to make after all this time.



© eric howden, 2019